A Case of Vocal Cord Nodules

Author: Dr. Girish Gupta

This week let us see a remarkable case of Vocal Cord Nodules treated with Homoeopathy.

Chief Complaints:
A twenty nine years old male came with chief complaint of pain in throat with hoarseness of voice and difficulty in speaking after overuse of voice aggravated by exposure to draft of cold air and taking cold articles for the last 1 year.
He has recurrent episodes of sneezing, rhinorrhoea, sore throat and mild dyspnoea on exertion aggravated by change of weather and exposure to dust for the last 3 years

Past History:
Tinea cruris applied Betnovate C and Quadriderm

Treatment History:
Maxtra P, Bidanzen, Neltra P, Hepar sulph 30, Sulphur 1M, Cistus can 30 (By different Physicians)

Laryngoscopy (05/04/2011):
Polyp right vocal cord.A CASE OF VOCAL CORD NODULES by Dr. Girish Gupta

Blood (26/02/2012) :
Hb% – 13.8; TLC – 8100; DLC – N/73, L/21, E/5, M/1; ESR – 14/8; AEC – 405

Personal History:
He was very short-tempered. He gets angry easily and always shouts during anger.
He is very obstinate. He has fear of being humiliated. He is very positive, dictatorial and censorious. He always wants everything neat and clean. Consolation aggravates his complaints.
He has dreams of dead relatives.
His complaints get worse after talking and change of weather. He has anticipatory anxiety about family, future and trifles. He likes sweet.

Please share your views. What could be the prescription? She started improving immediately after the administration of the remedy. She cured completely with Homoeopathic treatment.

Case Solution:

Rubrics for Repertorisation:
1. Anger easily
2. Shouting during anger
3. Obstinate
4. Fear of being humiliated
5. Optimism
6. Consolation aggravates
7. Talking aggravates
8. Dreams of dead relatives
9. Anxiety about family
10. Anxiety about future
11. Anxiety anticipating
12. Fastidious
13. Censorious
14. Dictatorial
15. Anxiety about trifles
16. Desire for sweet
17. Aggravation from change of weather

Repertorization is always a difficult task for a homeopath. HOMPATH software instantly provides the doctor with repertorization results. In the following image repertorization sheet indicating all selected remedies with totality.Hompath Wildfire - repertorization sheet for a case of vocal cord nodules

Result of Repertorisation:



















Medicine Selected:
Arsenicum album 30

Patient is chilly (Very sensitive to cold)

February 26, 2012:
Arsenicum album 30 weekly was prescribed followed by Placebo for 2 weeks.

March 14, 2012:
Sneezing, rhinorrhoea and dyspnoea reduced but throat pain with hoarseness of voice and difficulty in speaking increased. Patient had pyrexia. He was advised Antibiotics by ENT Surgeon but he didn’t want to take it. Hence Belladonna 30 was prescribed 4 hourly.

March 22, 2012:
Sneezing, rhinorrhoea, dyspnoea, throat pain, hoarseness of voice and fever reduced. Arsenicum album 30 weekly was repeated followed by Belladonna 30 BD for couple of weeks on different visits.

May 08, 2012:
Sneezing, rhinorrhoea, dyspnoea, throat pain, hoarseness of voice and difficulty in speaking much reduced. Same prescription was repeated for another 4 weeks.

June 07, 2012:
Patient was clinically much better. Repeat Laryngoscopy dated June 7, 2012 did not show any polyp and was normal.Laryngoscopy Report after treatment

A surgical condition of Vocal cord polyp has been cured by a well indicated remedy Arsenicum album. Other allergic conditions also improved showing efficacy of holistic treatment.

This case demonstrates how even a surgical case like can be cured with homoeopathy.

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