A Case of Worms Infestation

Author: Dr. Jawahar Shah

This week let us see a noteworthy case of Worm Infestation treated with Homoeopathy.

Chief Complaints:
A man aged 46 years reported with a complaint of passing worms. He had been too many doctors and had taken many medicines for de-worming, but without any result. I found it hard to believe when he said he passes hundreds and hundreds of different worms. His stool contained more worms than actual stool. All different kind of worms, black, white, small, big, round and in large quantity.

As being inquisitive and not being able to trust what the patient was saying, I suggested that he call me whenever he passes stool the next day. (He had an Indian style toilet so it was easy to examine.)I received a shock of my life on reaching there. I saw so many worms, it was as if his body was a factory and produced only worms and no stool.

In spite of so many worms he had no pain, no discomfort and no other symptom. He had 2/3 motions per day. His only complaint was the worms which were not disappearing with any medicine.

Past History:

  • Measles
  • Chickenpox
  • Recurrent pharyngitis

Family History:

  • Mother: Tuberculosis
  • One brother expired due to cancer

Personal History:

  • Desires: Sweets
  • Perspiration: Stains++
  • Thermal :
    • Desired tepid water bath
    • Preferred winter and was irritated by the sun
  • Sleep: Disturbed
  • Dreams:
    • Dreams of exams
    • Unprepared for exams
    • Failing in exams
    • Missing train
    • Fire
    • Falling
    • Accidents
    • Death

Life History:
When I went into the details of life history it was very interesting. Patient’s father expired when he was in his mother’s womb. Mother had conceived and father suddenly expired because of heart attack. Father was a business man and very benevolent by nature. Mother took over the business but did not know what to do. Those were the days of British rule and most of the goods were imported. All correspondence had to be done in English. The patient’s mother was very brave. She took tuitions and learnt English. She already had 4 children and this was the fifth addition to the family. She single handedly fought the battle of life. She looked after all the children (family) home and office. It was a fight of this lady which changed the fate of the family. She went to office every day, till the last day of pregnancy, and again in seven days she went back to office. She would take the young one along with her to the office, look after him, breastfeed him and do everything for the child while working in the office. The child thus grew up with all stress and strain of life.

The family progressed. They bought a huge house within 7-8 years. All the children grew well. One son was in business and two became doctors. (1 son expired because of malignancy.) The patient was one of the scholars at the Indian Institute of Technology, which is one of the most recognized institutes for engineers. He completed his engineering from India and went to the United States, did M.S. in chemical engineering and came back to India as he loved his country. He took up a job in a very big company at the level of executive engineer. Soon was happily married and settled in his life.

He was very intelligent. Even at this stage and age he was doing M.B.A. along with his job. He was very demanding from his children and was constantly occupied in studies and in work.

Please share your views. What could be the prescription? She started improving immediately after the administration of the remedy. She cured completely with Homoeopathic treatment.

Case Solution:

The first prescription given was Psorinum 10M, 1 dose only.

Confirmation of PSORINUM by using Allen’s Materia Medica of Nosodes.A Case of Worms Infestation solution 1

1. Poor reaction (No pain or symptoms inspite of so many worms)
2. Paucity of symptoms.
3. Progress of disease not responding to any medicine

Next day patient passed a lot of worms. He passed 6 motions containing thousands of worms. He could not go to the office for 2 days. He would pass stool and he could not believe his eyes as he was passing so many worms. This continued for 7/8 days and gradually the number of worms being passed started decreasing. Gradually after 10 days very few worms were being passed. This was the time to introduce constitutional medicine. The patient was given 1 dose of Mag Sulph 200 at bedtime.A Case of Worms Infestation solution 2

Worms totally cleared up. No worms were being passed at all.
Sleep improved++.
Performance and vitality improved.
Dreams cleared off.

About nine years have passed and the patient is healthy.

It is very important to perceive the phase of disease and vitality of the patient. Even if we would have given Mag Sulph as a first prescription, it would not have acted or would have acted partially. When we gave Psorinum, it cleared off the first plane of poor reaction and lack of vitality, permitting a constitution medicine to act better.
Magnesium as a group has these marked symptoms and expressions.

– Rejection right from conception
– Children whose mothers have gone through lots of stress or strain of life during pregnancy.
– Unwanted children
– Anxieties
– Rejects the world as a reaction to rejection that he was subjected to.
– Tremendous desire to prove himself
– Occupied with purpose
– Attracting attention of others by doing something unusual.
– Desire to achieve many things in life.

1] Appreciation of phase of low vitality and poor reaction.
2] One dose of inter-current opened the case.
3] Once vitality was stimulated the Constitutional Medicine would act better.
4] The case shows that the disease goes so deep, when there is a low vitality.
5] Perceiving Constitutional remedy based on evolution of the patient and managing doses to get desired result.

This case demonstrates how even a surgical case like can be cured with Homoeopathy.

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