Homeopathic Clinical Tips : Targeted To Cure The Right Way

They say ‘Experience is the best teacher’ and ‘Time and tide wait for no one’. How do we, as part of one of the most dynamic professions in the world, do justice to both the above sayings simultaneously? The answer is through the vast experience and clinical practice of our Masters. The extensive materia medicae, repertories and philosophies handed down by them through the centuries.

But today, when time is a scarce commodity and it may not be possible to sort through the sea of books, another of the treasures passed down by the stalwarts comes of great use to us- homeopathic clinical tips.

Homeopathic clinical tips are the diamonds extracted from the earth of the homeopathic materia medica. They are polished through clinical experience of many years and finally proudly embellish the therapeutics of homeopathy.

These are those gems of which will never fail to cure the patient, because, like any rational science, they have been proved, re-proved and verified in the clinical practice of scores of old and modern-day homeopaths.

Homeopathic clinical tips are the tools that can be effectively used in homeopathic prescribing especially when time is short. And yet, the physician can remain faithful to the law of similars, without losing the essence of homeopathy.

Did u know, for instance, that Magnesia Phosphorica will definitely cure vesical neuralgia after catheterization, or that Natrum Phosphoricum is one of the first remedies to be thought of in Gout, because uric acid is kept soluble in blood due to phosphate of soda?

Clinical tips are based on the knowledge of physiology, pathology, biochemistry and internal medicine and derived on the basis of pure experience.

They help to not only narrow down the list of remedies for a given clinical condition, but effectively help the physician to arrive at the similimum in the least time possible.

Homeopathic clinical tips are the comprehensive pointers to the use of homeopathic remedies in specific clinical conditions. They are precise, concise and are guaranteed to pierce the bull’s-eye in most cases.

And what better way to take homeopathy and the homeopath at the forefront than to combine the knowledge of homeopathic clinical tips and the science of one of the latest technologies, Android?

Hompath, the pioneer in homeopathic software, brings to you the world’s first mobile application on homeopathic clinical tips for Android. Choose from over 500 authenticated and completely verified clinical tips.

The Clinical Tips application is a one-of-a-kind system that helps you to prescribe the exact similimum in a matter of seconds. It gives a deep insight into the clinical practice of high intelligence and provides effective results.homeopathic clinical tips applicationDesigned in a most user-friendly manner, the beauty of the application is in its sheer simplicity, so that just the basic knowledge of the mobile is sufficient for its practical utility.homeopathic clinical tips applicationhomeopathic clinical tips applicationThe Clinical Tips Application by Hompath is a platform for students to learn new techniques in homeopathy. It provides a clever understanding into the art and science of homeopathic prescribing, and serves to provide a solid foundation for success. It’s time to create your own success story!

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