Homeopathic Repertory Software: Need of the Hour in a Busy World!

Just like constant innovations, inventions and reinventions are necessary in all fields of healthcare, so are such innovations a key factor in the progress of Homeopathy in general and the homeopathic clinician in particular.

No doubt the introduction of newer and more informative repertories are a huge boon, but scarcity of time does not allow the physician to do justice to them, and in turn, probably to the patient too.

Precision is the key to success in Homeopathy. Getting the exact similimum among 3000+ remedies is extremely difficult.

To solve this dilemma, homeopathic repertory software comes as a godsend. It effectively combats the race against time and also fills the glaring loophole of human capacities and errors. And what better way to enhance the homeopath’s clinical practice than to get the PERFECT blend of the deep-rooted homeopathic repertories and the power of technological tools – HOMPATH.

Hompath is THE homeopathic repertory software that combines world-class homeopathic repertories so that YOU can make the most accurate prescription in the easiest way possible.

Never will you need to say, “I cannot find this rubric! In which book, which homeopathic repertory software do I look for it?”
With 36 superlative repertories at the physician’s fingertips, Hompath’s homeopathic repertory software is a sure winner and aims to take the clinician’s practice to higher levels of excellence and success.

The latest version of the Complete Repertory in this homeopathic repertory software is packed with new and verified rubrics and more remedies, both well-proved and new. Hompath has designed the software in such a beautiful format that the Author Sources of each and every remedy for each and every rubric can be instantly viewed in the same screen! This is keeping in mind the desires of those conscientious physicians who urge on authenticated rubrics and sources.

[Complete] [Mind] Escape, desire to:

[Complete] [Mind] Escape, desire to:

Today, physicians have become more clinically oriented. For our homeopathic clinicians, we have included well-researched and verified clinical repertories, both new and old, for ready reference and prescription. The cream of this collection is the latest version of Robin Murphy’s Homeopathic Clinical Repertory that gives remedies for various clinical conditions and their symptoms.
[Murphy] [Clinical] Parkinson’s disease:

[Murphy] [Clinical] Parkinson’s disease:

Hompath homeopathic repertory software also houses a unique collection of 20 special repertories in an endeavour to constantly keep upgrading your knowledge and expertise. Repertories dedicated to some of the commonest ailments witnessed in the world today form a part of the extensive anthology of Hompath.
[Special] [Asthma] Hay asthma:

[Special] [Asthma] Hay asthma:

Contemporary repertories on diseases like Asthma, Hypertension, Thyroid Disorders and even AIDS by internationally acclaimed authors are tailor-made to suit the needs of today’s homeopath.And yet, the grand repertories of yesteryear hold a strong place in the software, because these are the books which prepared the foundation of repertorial prescribing. The signature books of the pioneers of Homeopathy, Boericke, Boenninghausen, Allen, Boger, Phatak, etc. ensure that this essential foundation is not forgotten, only enhanced more and more.Moreover, puritan type of repertories like those written by Gentry and Knerr help to give an insight into repertorial prescribing using the symptoms given in the patient’s own words.36 extensively researched repertories… A complete repertorisation system… One software!How do you spell success? H-O-M-P-A-T-H!!!


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  2. Yes. Now a days it is very much necessary due to complication of cases as various medications were used by patients before turning to Homeopathy system. And as we know most symptoms will appear same in our MM, difficult to segregate. Homeopathic software will help to distinguish from our memory point o the symptoms covered point . BUT COST OF THE SOFTWARE IS ALWAYS A MATTER FOR POOR PRACTITIONERS. I MEAN TO SAY THERE ARE MANY PRACTITIONERS OF HOMEOPATHY IN RURAL OR SEMI URBAN AREAS who are going to charge rs. 10 or 20. They are doing service to people and to homeopathy system. So one has to address the probelm.

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