Homeopathic Management of COVID-19 Associated Insomnia

It has been observed with definite certainty that many people who are suffering or have suffered from COVID-19 have reported, at some point during the active phase or after, with symptoms of insomnia. And even it is not a directly related symptom of the disease, it is undoubtedly among the most disturbing ones, especially post-clinical recovery from COVID-19.

To explain it biologically, any virus that causes a systemic disturbance in the body has the capability to disrupt the circadian rhythm of the body. Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle that controls the timing of bodily processes like eating, sleeping, and maintenance of temperature.

A disruption of the circadian rhythm means an overall imbalance in patterns of sleeping, appetite, thirst and changes in regulation of body temperature. This results in the typical loss of appetite, increased or decreased thirst, and sleep disturbances that are individual to every person.

Besides, we also need to factor in stress, both, emotional and physical. We are already aware of the physical stress the body goes through during COVID. However, emotional stress plays a huge role in upsetting sleep. In fact, stress and sleep have a two-way relationship. Stress leads to a spike in Cortisol and Adrenalin in the body which then cause disruptions in sleep. The sleep disturbance, in turn, increases Cortisol levels more, and this intensifies stress. Apart from this, lack of sleep leads to a dip in immunity, making the person vulnerable to other infections.

Homeopathy For Insomnia

Homeopathy has wonderful remedies in its repertoire for the effective management of Insomnia. The medicines given can not only take care of the sleep disturbances, but will also help to manage stress tolerance, and boost the immune system, giving long lasting relief.

To aid in quicker and more accurate relief, Hompath Zomeo now carries special repertory called the COVID-19 Repertory. This repertory has been created particularly keeping in mind the need for faster results. It contains a compilation of common and uncommon symptoms of the disease in the form of rubrics, and the remedies that are set down for them.

Insomnia also finds a place in the repertory. You can view the rubrics pertaining to Insomnia under the following:

Sleep, Disturbed

Homeopathic Management of COVID-19 Associated Insomnia



Homeopathic Management of COVID-19 Associated Insomnia

Specific time modalities, as well as aggravating and ameliorating modalities also find a place here to ensure that individual reactions are also covered effectively for a better result.

Sleep, unrefreshing

Homeopathic Management of COVID-19 Associated Insomnia


Sleep, Waking, frequent

Using the COVID-19 repertory can aid the homeopathic physician towards a more targeted and more rapid prescription.

Other Measures

In addition to the right homeopathic remedy, other measures can also be advised to help in earlier recovery. These important Do’s and Don’ts work hand in hand with the homeopathic medicine to treat sleep disturbances and sleeplessness.

Hompath Zomeo has a unique feature called Patient Instructions, in which Do’s and Don’ts for various clinical conditions are explained succinctly and in non-medical language.

Homeopathic Management of COVID-19 Associated Insomnia

It is, ultimately, the mission of every homeopathic physician to treat their patients in the best possible manner and in the quickest way possible. The COVID-19 Repertory helps you do just that.

Why Zomeo Homeopathy Software?

Zomeo has some unique features to find rubrics and repertorize them. Homeopathic physicians can use these features to prescribe medicines to their patients quickly using these features.

Along with the 41 built-in repertories, Zomeo Homeopathy Software also provides 1300 homeopathy books, information on 3200+ remedies, and 109 materia medica books which help you to confirm the remedy before you prescribe.

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