Anxiety Syndrome of COVID-19 & Its Homeopathic Management

It has been more than a year since COVID-19 took hold of the world and became a global pandemic with alarming consequences in many countries. As of today, more than 170 million people around the world have been affected by this novel disease along with its Anxiety Syndrome.

Since everyone was treading unfamiliar ground, safety protocols like masking, social distancing and lockdowns were soon implemented. Even today, as the world grapples with waves of the pandemic in different stages, we still see these safety measures being followed.

However, as the cases have shown a gradual decline, we are now seeing easing of the safety protocols, as travel restrictions have relaxed and the world is slowly unlocking from its quarantine. People have begun to leave their homes (albeit among basic safety measures still in place) for work and leisure.

However, for a large percentage of the global citizens, resuming even the “new normal” is extremely difficult. There is a generalized spread of anxiety with regards to the disease, and this, in many cases, is so severe, that even leaving the home for a few minutes grips people with an elevated sense of fear. This has lead to coining of the term COVID-19 Anxiety Syndrome.

This condition is evident in the form of symptoms like disinclination and subsequent inability to leave the home and avoiding social mixing because of fear of contracting COVID-19. Such people are also overcautious, and always on the lookout for symptoms of COVID, in themselves and others around them.

Apart from this, the anxiety can also cause:

  1. Sleeplessness and nightmares
  2. Compromised decision making capabilities
  3. Changes in appetite
  4. Low energy and lethargy
  5. Physical manifestations like headache, digestive upsets, body pains, etc.

Homeopathy has some wonderful remedies to treat Anxiety and its effects. Here are some medicines that can help in treating COVID-19 Anxiety Syndrome: (Source: Hompath Zomeo Ultimate – Reference Books. Click here to download FREE TRIAL of HOMPATH ZOMEO).


Great fear and anxiety of mind, with great nervous excitability; afraid to go out, to go into a crowd where there is any excitement or many people; to cross the street. The countenance is expressive of fear; the life is rendered miserable by fear; is sure his disease will prove fatal; predicts the day he will die.

Anxiety Syndrome


Anxious fear of death; thinks it useless to take medicine, is incurable, is surely going to die; dread of death, when alone, or, going to bed. Attacks of anxiety at night driving out of bed, (<) after midnight.


Dread of being alone, afraid of what may happen, think I may lose self-control. Strong inclination to suicide. The anticipation of any unusual ordeal, preparing for church, theatre, or to meet an engagement, brings on diarrhoea; stage fright, nervous dread of appearing in public.


The oversensitive, nervous, delicate persons, worn out from long suffering, much sorrow and vexation. Apprehensive anxiety, in the evening in bed, and during the night; anxiety after eating, about the future, about his health, about his salvation.


Hypochondriac moroseness; out of sorts with everything. Gloomy, melancholic mood. Continuous crying with great melancholy and fear of losing her reason. Anxiety: thinks to die; does not know what to do. Taciturn, morose, aversion to talking.

Anxiety Syndrome


A continually increasing dread of appearing in public comes on, yet a horror, at times, of solitude. has a religious insanity, which has a mild and simple beginning, a matter of melancholy. Dreads the presence of new persons, or the coming in of friends or visitors.

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