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Carcinosin is a deep acting remedy which is known for its use as an anti-miasmatic remedy or as an intercurrent remedy in cases where progress was seen but stopped suddenly. Also it has good uses where constitutional remedy has failed to show its effect. But this remedy has more depth and utility than this.

Constitution: Carcinosin patient is of fair complexion, blue sclera, ‘cafe au lait’ complexion or numerous moles. There is positive past history of Tuberculosis, Pneumonia or Whooping cough.

Thermals: Carcinosin patient is chilly, warm blooded and < from heat.

Similar to Cancer where body’s own cells causes disease for body, Carcinosin patient also is troubled by stress of responsibilities that have been incurred upon them.

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Carcinosin patient suffers due to constant struggle in their life. For a affected child, there are so many expectations from child from excessive demanding and controlling parents. To fulfil these expectations, Carc child suffers mentally a lot and gets exhausted.

Ailments due to excessive control and discipline by strict parents are generally seen in these type of patient. Affected patient is very compassionate in nature.


MIND of Carcinosin:

There is strong history of suppression and abuse in childhood with strong, deep bonds with the family. They are passionate and longing patients who over extend themselves on many levels.

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Below using remedy extract feature of Hompath Zomeo, we have screenshot of Mind rubric where Carcinosin is the exclusive remedy.

Carcinosin Single Remedy


There is marked alternation of symptoms with tendency to induration of glands which are hard, painful.

Zomeo keynote

Zomeo Keynote

There is a desire or an aversion to one or more of the following – salt, milk, eggs, fat, meat, fruit.

Desires cold drinks, alcoholic drink, butter, chocolates, sweets, spicy food, onions, garlic, ham fat.

Carcinosin acts well where there is a history of cancer or cancer itself is present in patient. It is good remedy for Insomnia in kids. Child lies in knee-chest position which makes him feel better. There is an excitement feeling in child when there is thunderstorm. They are sympathetic towards animals too. They have strong need to be perfect.

Carcinosin is useful in Abscess, Acne, Allergy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Colitis, Constipation, Delayed milestones, Diabetes, Dysmenorrhoea, Immune deficiency, Insomnia, Moles, Naevi, Ovarian cysts, Premenstrual syndrome, Rectal prolapse, Sinusitis, Tics when indicated homeopathically.

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Carc Remedies

Using the Hompath Zomeo software’s Remedy extract feature, we have Unique PQRS symptoms for Carcinosin in below screenshot-

Carcinosin Remedies Extract

Modalities: Carc feels better in knee elbow position


Carcinosin is dependable remedy in kids with many acute illnesses. Here is expert from reliable Hompath Zomeo regarding clinical tips for Carcinosin-

Zomeo Clinical Tip 2


Carcinosin Remedies Clinical Tip


Zomeo Clinical Tip


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