Role of Homeopathic Prophylaxis in Pandemics

One of the most overlooked topics Homeopathic Prophylaxis in now one of the most searched topics during the COVID-19 Pandemic. On one hand, homeopathy is proving its effectiveness for the treatment of COVID-19 on the other hand there is confusion on to which ways to use to search for the correct remedy. This article highlights the role of Homeopathic Prophylaxis in Pandemics.

Homeopathic Prophylaxis in Pandemics

In 200 years old history of homeopathy reveals that this is an arena in which we have seen the greatest examples of the effectiveness of the art and science of Homeopathy.

Let us see a few historical records to search for examples of the effective use of Homeopathic homeoprophylaxis.

In the year 1799, Dr. Hahnemann achieved fame in entire Europe from his effective treatment of the epidemic of Scarlatina sweeping through Germany. Dr. Hahnemann published the pamphlet Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever in 1801. During that time Hahnemann promoted Belladonna as a specific prophylactic remedy for Scarlatina – each pamphlet sold, was with a vial of Belladonna prepared according to his standards during that time.

After careful observation and experience in treating the epidemic diseases, Dr. Hahnemann realized that each occurrence of an epidemic is unique. In the subsequent Scarlatina epidemic in Germany between 1800 and 1808 Aconite was proved to be the specific instead of Belladonna again.

In an 1808 paper (Observations on the Scarlet Fever), Hahnemann provided a careful description of the individualizing aspects of these two epidemics.

The genetic mutations in pathogens have been understood recently but during the time of Hahnemann, he suggested to always observe the unique features to identify the preventive and curative medicine. 

Homeopathic prophylaxis remedy in a particular epidemic can be selected in 3 different ways:

1. Use of Nosode as a Homeopathic Prophylaxis

This approach can be used before the final Genus Epidemicus is selected or before the symptoms of epidemic disease is clear. Nosode selection is not done by individualization but by using the same disease genus for preparation of the Nosode that is occurring during a particular epidemic.

The limitation of this approach is that it offers Homeopathic Prophylaxis only for the particular epidemic and not for combating disease by increasing overall immunity.

2. Selecting a remedy or group of remedies having individual symptoms seen in patients during an epidemic

This is the approach used by Master Hahnemann during Scarlatina Epidemic in Europe as described above. Symptoms shown by patients suffering from Scarlet Fever were taken into consideration for forming totality. The common symptoms were continued fever with delirium, pharyngitis with difficulty in swallowing, coryza, tonsillitis, hoarseness of voice, and rash. All these symptoms were pointing more towards the remedy Belladonna than other remedies having similar pictures like Arum triphyllum, Allium cepa, Drosera, Rhus Tox. Thus belladonna was selected as a Genus Epidemicus which is more helpful as homeopathic prophylaxis than the use of nosode.

Bonninghaussain, in 1849 successfully used preventive medicines during the cholera epidemic in Europe using this approach. With conventional medicine, the mortality rate was 54-90%, whereas Homeopathy had only 5 –16% mortality.

Boenninghausen had mentioned about his experience on Thuja for the prevention of smallpox.

Homeopathic Prophylaxis in Pandemics

You can read about this in the book “The Lesser Writings” by Boenninghausen in Zomeo Homeopathic Software.

3. Use of Constitutional medicine

When Genus Epidemicus remedy or the prophylactic nosode fails to cure than the constitutional approach works the best. Mostly this happens when there is a pre-existing disease and vital force does not react to genus remedy or prophylactic nosode in its morbid state. Here one has to take the help of a constitutional approach in selecting the similimum for the final selection of the remedy.

Now you have read about the Homeopathic Prophylaxis in Pandemics, and even if you take any of these approaches, the treatment will be effective only after a practitioner individualizes every case to identify symptoms of the disease as characteristic and make a totality of characteristic symptoms for selection of final similimum.

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