Homeopathic Therapeutics for Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is an absence of menstruation occurring between puberty and menopause at any time, except during pregnancy and lactation which are physiological conditions.

Types of Amenorrhea:

Primary Amenorrhea:

When a young female has never had her menses even by the age of 16.


  • Ovarian failure
  • Problems in reproductive organs
  • Pituitary gland abnormalities

Secondary Amenorrhea:

When a woman who had her normal menstruation but stops getting her menses for 3 or more months.


  • Stopping of contraceptive pills
  • Menopause
  • Poor nutrition
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Certain illnesses
  • PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Thyroid gland diseases
  • Ovarian Tumours

These are few causes among many others for secondary Amenorrhea.

Homeopathic Approach for Amenorrhea

Exciting cause: Acute suppression may occur due to exposure to cold, getting wet just before or during discharge, from grief, fright or mental distress.

Homeopathic Therapeutics for Amenorrhea

Homeopathic Remedies for Amenorrhea
  • A/F chlorosis (anemia): Apis, Calcarea carb, China, Ferrum, Ferrum phos, Helonias, Ignatia, Lilium tig, Phos, Puls, Sep, Senecio, Zinc
  • Suppression from cold: Aconite, Belladona, Puls, Caust, Cimic, Gels
  • Suppression from fright or sudden emotions: Aconite, Bell, Cimic, Ign, Op, Plat, Puls
  • Delayed first menses: Aletris, Calc, Cimic, Graph, Puls, Sil, Sulph
  • Aletris: Atony of ovaries and uterus. Anemia and defective nutrition, constipation, fainting spells.
  • Apis: Anemia with face oedematous, waxy. Stinging pains in right ovary
  • Calcarea Carb: Scrofulous females, malnutrition, anemia.
  • Cimcifuga: Rheumatic, neuralgic and hysterical subjects. Uterine cramps, ovarian irritation. Suppression from cold or emotions.
  • Ferrum: weak, anemic females with fiery redness of face. Debility, emaciation, rush of blood to head, flushes of heat in face.
  • Helonias: Depressed mood, censorious fault-finding, loss of sexual desire.
  • Lilium tig: Associated with nervous affection of heart and ovarian irritation or uterine displacements and leucorrhea.
  • Senecio: Suppression from cold, irregular, tardy or scanty menses. Debility, nervousness, sleeplessness, gastric derangement’s, pulmonary disease


The above information is extracted from the book – Disorders Of Menstruation By A.C.Cowperthwaite, M.D.

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Amenorrhea rubrics in Homeopathic Repertory


Amenorrhea rubrics Girls - ZOMEO

Amenorrhea rubrics - ZOMEO

Amenorrhea rubrics - ZOMEO

Amenorrhea rubrics - ZOMEO



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