Homeopathic Therapeutics – Grief & Sorrow

When a homeopath comes across ailments from grief, sorrow or disappointment in love, what does he think of? A student will tell about Natrum Mur and Ignatia, but if you widen your knowledge horizon, you will find numerous homeopathic remedies for grief and sorrow. Don’t limit your understanding to a few remedies, let us learn about some remedies for grief which you will be surprised to know about the causation behind their physical ailments.

Grief & Sorrow

Ammon mur

Full of grief but cannot weep. The patient is sad, melancholic, anxious and gloomy due to the consequence of grief. There is falling of hair with paleness of face and weakness as if paralyzed.

Arsenic alb

Sad, tearful with anxious mood exhaustion from slightest exertion. He avoids meeting, imagines he has offended them earlier.

Aurum met

Extreme desire for solitude with ailments from grief, disappointment in love. Weeps and considers himself unfit for the world. Always looks at the dark side.

Calcarea phos

Depressed after vexation, grief and disappointed love.


Physical complaints arising from long-lasting grief and sorrow. Pain aggravates from mental exertion. Hopeless, thinking of complaints aggravates them.


The tendency to cry and weep, disinclined to talk, to answer and see friends. Anger and indignation. Depressed and joyless.


Great sadness and anxiety. Chronic complaints from long-lasting grief. Throbbing headache.


Ailments from grief with fear at night. Disposition to quarrel.

Naja tripudians

Great grief with anxiety and dragging sensation at precordia. Nervous palpitations. Headache with coldness of feet.

Nux moschata

Sadness causing palpitations. Weeping, gloomy mood. Fears to go to sleep.

Phosphoric acid

Chronic effects of grief and sorrow. Frequent sighing, weakness of chest with an inability to speak long. Sleepy during the day. Emaciation.

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