Homeopathy for Acute Painful Conditions – Earache, Neuralgia & Sciatica

How do you tackle an acute case? Or are you ready only for chronic cases? Do you refer an acute case to an emergency center or manage it with homeopathy? As a wise homeopath, you should be aware of the scope and limitations of homeopathy in every acute case. Here is a guide for managing a few acute painful conditions such as earache and sciatica.

Homeopathy for Acute Painful

Acute medicines for Earache

Earache that comes on suddenly from exposure of cold wind with intense restlessness and when the pains are violent & burning, think of Aconite. The patient is irritable and scared with extreme sensitivity to touch. Few doses of Aconite will subside the acute inflammatory process which occurs in acute otitis media. The complaint usually comes up in winter.

When a patient comes with intense pain, cannot stay still, is cross and irritable with extreme tenderness and nothing seems to satisfy him, give few doses of Chamomilla in such acute condition.

Which remedy will you give when there is extreme tenderness over the mastoid region and externally the ear is red and highly inflamed. There is acute stabbing pain running into the ear which makes the patient miserable and becomes slightly tearful but there is no irritability of Chamomilla. Think of Capsicum!

Few other homeopathic medicines for earache are Pulsatilla, Hepar sulph, Mercury which is prescribed on the basis of their characteristic symptoms

Acute medicines for Neuralgias

Trigeminal neuralgia is the most painful condition and homeopathy tackles it efficiently. There is violent pain coming in sharp stabs running up the course of the nerve, aggravated with the slightest movement of muscles of the face, draught of air with extreme tenderness. The patient applies warmth to his face because it gives relief and applies firm supporting pressure. Give Mag phos to this patient especially if the affected nerve is of the right side. When its left side, give Colocynth

A patient with orbital neuralgia comes with sharp stinging pains, as if a red hot needle were stuck to it and it radiates over the course of the nerve, Spigelia will give him relief.

There is one very useful point about spigelia, and that is that you sometimes get the statement that in spite of the burning character of the pain after it has been touched there is a strange cold sensation in the affected area. That is spigelia and spigelia alone. – Borland

Acute medicines for Sciatica

Left-sided sciatica – Colocynth

Right-sided sciatica – Mag phos

Sciatica pain comes from the warmth of the bed, the patient feels better when moving about, give him Kali-iod. With similar modalities only the patient is chilly, sensitive to damp, cold, Rhus tox will relieve him.

The intense pain of sciatica with marked numbness is indicative of two remedies.

Gnaphalium: Numbness with pain and tenderness over the sciatic nerve

Plumbum: Numbness with pain, tenderness over the sciatic nerve associated with extreme constipation.

These are only a few homeopathic medicines for acute conditions that are more marked in Materia Medica.

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