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A good homeopath will never prescribe a remedy only on the basis of the patients desires and aversions. But he will definitely take those in the totality if they are PQRS as the master of Homeopathy – Samuel Hahnemann said about the characteristic symptom.

There are over 100s of rubrics on desires and aversions in homeopathic repertory. Some repertory mentions them under Desires / Likes / Cravings and Aversion / Dislikes either in chapter Stomach or in Generalities.

A homeopathic physician should choose them wisely as not every food or drink is mentioned in repertory. As the diet changes with every region, you will not find staple foods in the repertory. For example, Concise Repertory of Homeopathic Medicines by Dr. S R Phatak contains foods consumed in India: sugarcane juice, tamarind water. If you use other repertories, you can substitute the foods with its taste.

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Desires and Aversions:

It is difficult to memorize all the foods and drinks desires / aversions of all remedies. Let us learn few interesting desires and aversions.


Acid drinks: Ammon mur, Ant crud, Borax, Calc carb, Plumbum

Acid fruits: Calc carb, Ars alb, Ignatia, Thuja

Almonds: Cubeba

Apples: Aloe, Ant tart

Biscuit: Plumbum

Buttered bread: Agar, Bell, Fer met, Ign, Mag carb

Wheat bread: Aurum met

Cakes: Plumbum

Coffee burned: Alumin

Cucumbers: Ant crud

Fried eggs: Natrum phos

Lime, slate pencils, chalk or clay: Alumin, Cicuta, Nit ac, Nux vom

Plums: Sul ac

Desires and Aversions in Homeopathy


Alcoholic drinks: Ignatia

Bananas: Elaps

Breakfast: Conium, Lyc

Chocolate: Osmium, Tarentula

Eggs: Ferrum met

Garlic: Sabadilla

Potatoes: Thuja

Tea: Carbolic acid

Cold water: Bell, Bry, Calad, Caust, Nux vom, Tab

Salt food: Carbo veg, Graph, Nat mur, Sel, Sil

Fruit: Baryta carb, Ign

Boiled food: Lyc

The above information is extracted from the book – Desires and Aversions in Homeopathy- William Jeffrson Guernsey.

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