Homeopathic Medicines for Headaches

Headache is the most common complaint in a patient for which he visits a physician. Headache is a symptom arising from variety of factors. It can as simple as from hunger, stress or severe like brain tumours.

When investigating complaint of headache, a physician must look into following factors:
  • Whether the pain is relieved by usual medicines or not relieved
  • Pain that interferes with daily routine activities
  • Does the pain increases in frequency, duration and intensity
  • Pain is associated with fever, loss of appetite, loss of consciousness, vision loss, vomiting, weight loss, etc.

Homeopathic prescription should be based on causation, type of headache, modalities, concomitants. Some important medicines for different types of headaches are:

Homeopathic Medicines Headaches

Homeopathic Medicines for Headaches

Aconite: Headache from sudden exposure to cold dry winds with anxiety and restlessness. Violent headache with sensation of fullness. Better in open air.

China: Headaches from suppressed coryza, loss of vital fluids, hemorrhages or after sexual excesses. Intense throbbing headache better from hard pressure and in warm room. Sensation as if head would burst.

Cocculus Indicus: Travel headaches in occipital region. Inability to lie on the back of head.

Glonoine: Sun headaches, increasing and decreasing with sun. Head heavy but unable to lay it on pillow.

Iris versicolor: Headache of gastric origin. Right sided headache with blurring of vision.

Kali bi: Headache over eyebrows preceded by blurring of vision. Headache from suppressed catarrh.

Kali phos: Headaches of students with empty all gone feeling in the stomach.

Kalmia: Sun headaches. Pain begins in the occiput and runs up.

Lachnantes: Severe pains which may make the patient cry. Worse least noise, vomiting.

Melilotus: Headache with retching, vomiting, sensation of pressure over orbits, black spots before eyes, cold hands and feet.

Theridion: Periodical headaches with vertigo and nausea. Worse from closing eyes and motion.

Viola odorata: Headache due to frontal sinusitis.

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