The Staphysagria Mind

The Staphysagria personality is vulnerable to what the others say due to the continuous onslaughts on the self. This leads to mental and physical breakdowns.

The Staphysagria Mind

Evolution of Staphysagria from childhood through adulthood to old age.


The innate sensitivity rules the childhood of a Staphysagria. The child is tremendously sensitive to teasing from peers, comparisons by parents or criticisms from anyone. He is so sensitive that the slightest negative comment makes him deeply hurt. From a young age, he begins to suppress his emotions instead of expressing what he feels. Suppressed emotions are the most important aliment from Staphysagria.

Dr. S R Phatak in his Materia Medica talks about “ill effects after scolding or punishment in children.”

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Staphysagria child is good at studies, is intelligent. The child is usually friendly in a healthy environment but as soon as he is in unfavorable circumstances he recoils into a shell. This leads to the hypersensitivity in a child who gets easily hurt, is anxious all the time and suppresses his emotions.


When the sensitive child enters into adolescence he comes romantic and if his feelings are not reciprocated there is an extreme disappointment.

There is a tendency to masturbation with pre-occupation of sexual thoughts. The excess of masturbation causes a lot of distress and physical disturbances.

He is cautious about what others think about him and so always dresses well and is polite. Again the slightest criticism from friends annoys him. M.L. Tyler puts it that “the least action or word troubles or annoys his feelings.”


The sensitivity, inner conflict, suppression of emotions continues in adulthood. The delicate sensitivity and vulnerability weaken him from within so that it is difficult to face stressful situations.

T.F. Allen mentions “Great anxiety, dreads the future. Violent internal anxiety so that he could not remain in any one place but without complaints. Anxious thoughts and past come to him as if they were present before him, which caused anxiety and anxious perspiration. When walking rapidly it seems as though someone was coming behind him, which causes anxiety and fear and he is constantly obliged to look around.”

Whitmont says, “Tends to overrate his importance quite unaware of doing so. He is quite self-indulgent and will not deny himself the satisfaction of his emotional and sexual urges. Since he is very sensitive to the way he is judged, about his own artificially maintained appearance, he easily lays himself open to injury to his pride, which, again never must be admitted or noticed by others.”

Old age

They respect people, their sensitivities and are careful enough not to hurt anybody in order to not get hurt themselves. Their capacity to withstand stresses, however, further goes down. They also gradually further go into the state of depression, which further erodes their will and inner strength.

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