Homeopathy for ADHD

ADHD – attention deficit hyperactive disorder is one of the common childhood disorders. It is a neurodevelopment and psychiatric illness with a variety of behavioral disorder in children. There are significant problems which cause attention deficit, impulsiveness or hyperactivity which is inappropriate for the age.

Homeopathy for ADHD

ADHD in an adult is represented by hyperactivity at the workplace, trouble being organized or managing time. A person cannot hold to one job or they may have problems in a relationship or have an addiction.

Homeopathy has an excellent scope in the treatment of ADHD. Medicines prescribed in homeopathy are in minute doses and can be safely administered by children suffering.  Homeopathic medicines are not habit forming, so one need not worry about drug dependency.  Each child suffering from ADHD has different symptoms and different triggers. Homeopathic physician considers all the details of a person before the final prescription.

Few Homeopathic medicines for ADHD:
  1. Cina

Cina child is very cross, ugly, does not want to be touched, caressed or carried, and wants to be rocked.

Very touchy, petulant, dissatisfied

Irritability > rocking fast.

Cannot bear to be looked at

Desires many things, but rejects everything offered, throws things away.

Violent screaming attacks at night, the child lying on the back, striking and kicking with hands and feet


  1. Stramonium

Intense emotions in a child lead to violence, which is out of control

Sudden anger. Can be destructive with striking, biting, tearing, smashing, strangling.

Emotional vulnerability

Strong fears at night. Wakes with terror, the wild look in the eyes. Half awake, half dreaming. The child wants to sleep with the parents.

The sight of water or anything glittering brings on spasms.

Children with Behaviour disorders can appear very quiet during the consultation.

Rapid changes from joy to sadness. Laughs at night weep during the day.


  1. Tuberculinum

Hyperactivity, restless

Compulsive behavior, ritualism

Despondent and morose Disposition to use foul, filthy language; to curse and swear

Every trifle irritates him.

Horrid anger wants to throw things away. Bangs the head when angry

Malicious behaviour breaks things, breaks other’s valuables.

An obstinate and disobedient child

Dissatisfied, always wants a change.


  1. Tarantula

Suddenly changing moods, fancies, or strength

Crafty, cunning, dishonest, selfish, destructive, destroy whatever she can lay hand on, tears her clothes, etc.

Hateful throws things away.

Rolls on the ground from side to side or strikes vehemently or rolls the head and rubs it to relieve her distress.

Hurried, intense, excited and restless. Impatient


  1. Veratrum alb

Hyperactive, restless, disobedient

Mania with desire to cut and tear everything, especially clothes

Cannot bear to be left alone, yet persistently refuses to talk.

Precocity. Asks many questions


  1. Agaricus

Morose, self-willed, stubborn

Awkward, clumsy

Pressure on the spine causes involuntary laughter

Convulsions after being scolded

Sings talks, but does not answer

Loquacity, but answers no questions. Disinclined to answer questions


  1. Medorrhinum

Impulsive, abrupt, rude, mean, cruel

Cross by day, merry at night.

Sad, dismal outlook > weeping.

Weeping ameliorates symptoms.


  1. Lachesis

Passionate, expressive, outgoing

intense. Creative, vital, lively. Constant overflowing ideas

Loquacity, Jumps from one subject to another.

Mocks make odd notions, crawls on the floor, hides, spits, laughs or is angry during spasms. Talking, singing, and whistling constantly.


  1. Lycopodium

Inferiority complex. Egotism. Bullying, domineering, arrogant. Lack of discipline

Irritable, peevish and cross on waking. Kicks and screams.

Easily angered, cannot endure opposition or contradiction

Weeps all day, cannot calm herself, very sensitive


  1. Phosphorous

Open, bright excitable, suggestible, and anxious patients

Great loquacity and vehemence

Oversensitive to external impressions

Destroys everything, spits at the nurse

Anxious, restlessness, the patient cannot sit or stand still for a moment, especially in dark or twilight.

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Zomeo ADHD


Zomeo ADHD



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