Remedy Reaction | Organon of Medicine (Aphorism 161-171)

Homeopathic aggravation in acute and chronic diseases:

According to Dr. Hahnemann, in acute cases of recent origin, there is a chance of getting slight aggravation of original disease for the first few hours. But in chronic cases, there is no such increase in original disease. This is true only if correct Homeopathic remedy is selected with an appropriate dose that is proper small dose. The increase of the original disease in chronic condition appears at the end of the treatment when cure is almost reached.


When partially similar medicine is selected and the appearance of accessory symptoms – Aphorism 162, 163

In this case, we cannot indeed expect from this medicine a complete, undisturbed, cure; for during its use some symptoms appear which were not previously observable in the disease accessory symptoms of the not perfectly appropriate remedy. This does by no means prevent a considerable part of the disease (the symptoms of the disease that resemble those of the medicine) from being eradicated by this medicine thereby establishing a fair commencement of the cure, but still this does not take place without those accessory symptoms, which are, however, always moderate when the dose of the medicine is sufficiently minute.

It is quite possible that the remedy selected is not exact similimum but the part of medicine is similar to the portion of disease that will remove the similar suffering. But at the same time, we cannot expect a complete cure. There can be an appearance of accessory symptoms after administration of partially similar medicine which was not present before in the case, though these symptoms are always mild owing to the minuteness of the dose.

Presence of a few characteristic symptoms vs. many common symptoms in the case – Aphorism 164,165,166

If a few symptoms present in the case are of a rare or uncommon kind that is characteristic, a cure can take place without any disturbance.

Whereas if there are many symptoms selected amongst which none are peculiar or uncommon, but are vague like nausea, debility, headache, etc. then the physician cannot promise to cure these symptoms as the medicine prescribed here would be unhomeopathic.

Such incidence, however, is very rare owing to a large number of medicines available. Thus if one unhomeopathic medicine is prescribed there will be a set of accessory symptoms which now should be considered as a part of the whole case and appropriate medicine should be selected.

When a wrong homeopathic medicine was selected in acute cases (Aphorism 167)

When an unhomeopathic medicine was selected in acute cases, there is a prevalence of accessory symptoms. As a physician you do not allow the action of the first dose of medicine to exhaust, instead, investigate this fresh new state, take into consideration the original symptoms and these new ones and develop a new totality. Prescribe the remedy which fulfills this new picture of the disease.

Aphorism 168

Samuel Hahnemann advised taking appropriate follow-up in this aphorism to check the remedy reaction. He talks about examining the morbid state of the patient continuously and if the previously selected medicine again fails to restore the health it is a physician duty to re-examine the case and prescribe a remedy till the patient reaches the state of health.

Aphorism 169, 170

If you find two medicines which are more or less suitable to the given case, select which one is more homeopathic and prescribe that. After prescribing suitable medicine it is not advisable to administer other medicine of the two. But a fresh examination of the case again will guide you to next more appropriate medicine.

The next most suitable medicine can be the previous or it can be altogether different medicine.

Use of anti-psoric medicines – Aphorism 171

In non-venereal Psoric cases, there are chances that we often require an anti-psoric remedy for a cure.

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