Kali Group of Remedies in Homeopathy

Kali is Potassium salt, which is used in Homeopathic materia medica as different combination of the potassium salt. There are more than 40 remedies in kali group which are used for different ailments. But the core or the basic theme of all kali salts remains the same.

Kali Group of Remedies in Homeopathy


Generally, all kali have a dark complexion, fat chubby person, heavy built and tendency to obesity. Dark and unwashed look and worn out constitution.

Mental Characteristic:

  • Man of his own words, as they stick to their own principles and rules. All Kalis are a hard worker and they support their families.
  • They are forgetful, with mental sluggishness and lassitude.
  • Kalis get easily angered by trifles, their anger is harsh.
  • Generally, they are closed and compulsive, rigid and rule-abiding people.
  • For them, everything has to be routine. Do not tolerate new, unexpected things.
  • Closed and reserved people. They have a tendency to hold on the things which are expressed physically as constipation and difficult labor.

Physical characteristic: 

  • Thermal state:

Generally, Kalis are chilly except Kali Bi, Kali Ars and Kali Sulph

  • Modality:

Aggravation:  early morning and after midnight between 2-5am

Aggravation:  movement

Amelioration: warmth, from rest and a plentiful amount of substantial food.

  • Side affinity:

Symptoms are predominating on one side of the body the left side, the only exception is Kali carb.

  • Lack of skin tone and poor elimination and assimilation
  • Swelling of eyelids
  • The tendency to catch a cold easily
  • Recurrent sinus trouble with difficult expectoration

Kali Iod: Profuse, watery, burning discharge

Kali Bich: Yellow, stringy discharges

Kali Phos, Kali sulph: Bloody discharges

  • Uric acid diathesis (Caust, Kali Bi)
  • Weakness and tiredness physically and mentally which produces emaciation and withering (Kali Carb, Kali Iod)
  • Weak tendons, joints, ligaments
  • Back is extremely weak. (Kali Carb)

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