Homeopathy for treatment of Migrane

Migraine is a disorder where a person suffers from repeated episodes of headache. These episodes are very painful and often make the person toss and turn in pain.

Homeopathy for migrane

Symptoms of migraine:

It takes a toll on the person suffering and the person ends up missing his daily activities.  A person is said to have an attack of migraine if he or she suffers from severe throbbing pain in the head that is usually located on one side of the head.  This is accompanied by nausea, episodes of vomiting, blurring of vision and increased sensitivity to light and noise.

There are various stages to the development of a Migraine attack. People who usually suffer from Migraine attacks can predict an attack way before the symptoms usually appear. This is because they experience certain symptoms or changes before the attack actually begins.  People may suffer from mood changes, altered digestion, increased thirst and frequency of urination.

Right before the attack people can have audiovisual hallucinations like hearing certain noises, seeing certain shapes in front of their eyes.  People may also experience altered sensation like pricking pain all over the body. All this is your body’s way of warning you of an upcoming Migraine attack.

Lack of sleep, staying hungry for long hours, anxiety, excessive stress, certain medications and upcoming menses can all trigger an attack of migraine in a person.  Modern approach in the treatment of Migraine involves curbing the pain with painkillers during an acute episode.

Homoeopathic system of medicine provides excellent results in the treatment of Migraine. Homoeopathy not only excels in controlling the acute attack of Migraine but also is also highly useful in preventing future attacks by reducing recurrence.

Homoeopathic medications are specifically prescribed after enquiring all the details in a particular case including a person’s physical-mental-emotional makeup, factors that trigger an attack as well as things that relieve the attack. The remedy thus selected is the one that specifically suits the patient’s needs.

Homoeopathy boasts of more than 250 remedies that can be used in the treatment of Migraine.  Here are few of the commonly used medicines:

  • Glonoine:

This remedy is extremely useful in cases where the attack of Migraine begins when the person goes out in the sun or after exposure to strong lights. Person has severe throbbing headache that is aggravated by any form of heat around the head.

  • Sanguinaria:

This remedy is of use when the patient suffers from right sided headache that usually comes after skipping meals. Patient has immense relief after he vomits.

  • Natrum Mur:

Patient during the headache has a sensation as if a thousand little hammers were hitting his head. Intense pain in the head that occurs due to any form of anxiety or emotional upset.

These and many more remedies can be used in the treatment of Migraine. Readers are requested to consult a qualified Homoeopathic practitioner and avoid indulging into self-medication.

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