Utility section in Hompath Homeopathy Softwares

Digitalization of homeopathy began with the provings of newer and newer drugs and creation of newer repertories. Each repertory was based on different principle having their valuable position on their own. Over a period of time, homeopathic software became one of the cardinal assets in homeopathic practice.

Hompath Software has come a long way since its inception. Hompath was never about a mere collection of books and repertories. This software has been an intelligent, intuitive tool for all the homeopaths that have used it extensively in their clinical practices to solve cases. Hompath has an array of unique and practical features which help record and store patient information, histories, investigations, etc. The ease of recording symptoms in patient’s language, conversion into rubrics and repertorization and remedy selection has made Hompath the most favourable software across the world.

Apart from the excellent features of Hompath like the Materia medica, Library, Expert Systems, etc., there is this one practical feature called the ‘Utility Section’ in Hompath. This is special, because it holds importance both clinically as well as academically! For physicians, there are features like Patient instructions, Diet and nutrition, Allopathic drug data, etc. and for students there are Viva questions, question banks, group symptoms etc.

Let us see how function:

hompath features

You will see above the feature of Patient Instructions, where you can select the disease condition and find the dos and don’ts for that condition. You can even print the same and hand it over to your patient and really it will create a very good impression and professionalism on your part. Similarly, the Diet and Nutrition for disease conditions has been mentioned and is printable for the patient to follow.

Experienced by many homeopaths, most patients come following conventional treatment showing you their previous medications and prescriptions. You can easily see the information of the drug and be well-informed about them. After all there is no need for a homeopath to be ignorant about Allopathy.

Allopathic drug data

Then there is a homeopathic dictionary to find meanings to words related to homeopathy. Potency-selector, which is a real practical tool while selecting the doses. It is categorized on the basis of age, sex, type of occupation, mental state, general vitality and nutrition, source of the remedy, miasms, and many such more details to get an accurate potency.

Health calculator is also a very good feature where you can calculate the BMI and many more indices. It also includes many reference charts like height-weight chart, vaccination.

Health calculator

Prophylaxis section includes prophylactic medicines for various disease conditions. Therapeutics is also very helpful in the practice similarly.

For the students, there is vast store house of question bank and viva questions for all subjects in the syllabus.

Homeopathy Question bank

‘Group symptoms’ is an excellent feature for students to know materia medica in better way and it also serves them as a guide for their examinations. All the related remedies are mentioned in a given group along with physical and mental characteristics.

 Homeopathy Group symptom

Lastly, the latest classification of diseases ICD10 is present for quick references and categorization. Utility is indeed a very wide section and with all its unique features it is surely a blessing to homeopathic physicians and students.

With Hompath by the side, success is inevitable both clinically as well as academically!

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