Hompath software has the world’s largest homeopathic database including various repertories and Materia Medica books along with a number of homeopathic and medical journals.

Hompath EcoTeak is a strong and powerful platform designed to help you cross the thresholds of success. The careful alignment of the large volumes of data with innovative features and intuitive user-interface gives it its inherent strength. The inclusion of the Expert Systems like Boenninghausen, Kent and Boger will help you weather difficult cases. The large number of detailed articles and clinical tips on various health conditions authored by the veterans of homeopathy shall give you the sturdy support when you are dealing with complicated health conditions. So achieve similimum in no time. Succeed in practicing homeopathy. Take advantage. Grow. Come; experience the ‘Right Click Remedy’. To know more about the unique features of Hompathic Software

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