Hompath Firefly : A new Updated Homeopathy App version



Ever since Hompath Firefly was launched, it was a hit among the students, homeopath-amateurs as well as the experts. Right from its exhaustive library including books on various subjects by celebrated authors to easy repertorization, this app has proved useful for doctors. Keeping its popularity in mind, Hompath Firefly has been updated with more unique features.

What’s new in Hompath Firefly?

Academic Updates:

  • Homeopathic students will find more study material in Hompath Firefly in its new academic module.
  • Students can prepare themselves thoroughly for their Vivas with the viva questions on topics like Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Organon, etc. provided in the app.
  • The new updates also include a vast Question bank on Materia Medica, Anatomy, Medicine, Pathology and many more subjects along with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on various homeopathy subjects.

Homeopathty -viva-questions

Pave your way through Dissertations & Thesis:

  • You may be at a verge of completing your BHMS or MD and might possibly be stuck at selecting a topic or making that exclusive thesis or dissertation. Hompath Firefly provides guidelines to that perfect thesis/dissertation which will help you to impress your examiners and make you graduate with flying colours.


Be a competent Homeopath: While it is true that Homeopaths give more importance to the personality, behaviour and the psyche of a patient; physical examination and investigations help bring clarity towards the identification of a remedy and prognosis of a case.

  • The new Hompath Firefly Homeopathy App provides guidelines to clinical examination; so now you can use them in your practice and enrich your clinical knowledge.
  • It also comes with a unique feature that describes important investigations and when to advise them to your patients.
  • Learn homeopathic case solving by going through more than 100 clinical cases from Kent that will help you hone your skills as a Homeopath.

Hompath Firefly clinical cases


Learn with your friends:

  • Social websites are a great platform for students to learn. Studying Homeopathy with your group of friends can be a fun way of learning and contributing to homeopathy. With Homeopathy app, you can share Health Tips, Questions and MCQs to various Social sites, emails, Whatsapp etc.


Manage your Patients Effectively:

  • Hompath Firefly Mobile App is endowed with Patient management system wherein you can save your patient’s histories, investigations, follow-ups etc. Firefly now enables you to even delete and archive the patient.

Treat yourself to the most modern Homeopathic app which works at lightning speed and has a more powerful database than ever.

Note: iOS users can get these updates from App store and android users can update these changes within the app by clicking on “Update” menu.

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