MM Live Mobile App interactive App for Materia Medica

MM Live Mobile App” is the first interactive Mobile App for Materia Medica. Studying the drug pictures in the live and action form becomes easy with this app. Remedies have been described in the form of animated story which creates a strong, long-lasting impact on the minds of whoever is studying it be it students/teachers/doctors.

MM Live Mobile App has drug pictures, all of which are explained with great attention to most minute detail of the patient as a whole.

Here is a short extract of the picture of Cannabis Sativa from this App.

canabis sativa

Cannabis Sativa patient is known to be very happy go lucky. He desires company especially of the opposite sex and can be flirtatious. He is very friendly, extroverted and mixes easily with people. He enjoys being with people. When in groups, he talks vividly and animatedly.

Cannabis Sativa patients love to be involved in activities that have an element of excitement or thrill in them. Their attitude is to enjoy every second of life. They constant live in ecstasy and tend to be away and unrelated to the world in general.


Cannabis Sativa patients are sexually oriented and have amorous disposition. They are so occupied with thoughts of sex that they lack mental clarity which is why there is a state of confusion. They make mistakes in writing, omit or repeat words, repeat mistakes and cannot correlate with time. They remain buried in thoughts, and can’t understand their own selves.

Confusion is so profound that his own voice appears strange, and others voice appear strange to him. In their confusion, they see spirits, ghosts, spectres etc. He feels an antagonism to his own self.

Their dreams are often disappointing, confused and frightful, unpleasant nightmares. They have delusion of their own voice, vision, judgement, distance appears doubled.

Leading Indications:

  • Aversion to eat, they develop weakness after eating
  • Wake up with start, as if received an electric shock, fear and anxiety of nightmares and so avoids going to sleep
  • Marked depression; a person who was previously industrious now develops aversion to work and indolence.
  • Anxiety in stomach with nausea.
  • Feeling of stitching pain all over the body as if thousand needles pricking esp. at night when alone.
  • Develop choking sensation on swallowing.
  • Stuttering respiration with palpitations and has to stand up with his hands supporting the knees.
  • Cough with vivid expectoration.
  • Urinary System-marked burning at end of urination, painful urge, passes in split streams, sourness and burning entire tract extends to bladder.
  • Spasmodic closure of urethra, with zig-zag pain while passing urine along length of urethra.
  • Phimosis children and adults.
  • Old people walk with legs apart due to testes becoming sensitive as a result of abuse of sexual capacity.
  • Develop impotency at young age, with frequent infections, swelling of prepuce.
  • General Aggravations: Alcohol, tobacco, exertion, lying down, constipation, up stairs, urination, talking, standing after dinner.
  • General Ameliorations: Better by uncovering standing in asthma, remaining quiet, expectoration.

Hompath MMLive Mobile App is an intelligent tool to learn an evolutionary and multi-dimensional perspective of a homeopathic remedy. It comes fully equipped with core essences of 22 most important remedies along with many others that can be selected as per individual needs thus making MM Live a very handy and helpful living materia medica.

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