Keynote Symptoms and Uses of Homeopathic Remedies – Part 2

We studied the keynote symptoms and uses of homeopathic remedies in Part 1. Let us continue with Keynote Symptoms and Uses of Homeopathic Remedies -Part 2.


  1. Aconite of chronic diseases – Alum

As aconite is suitable for acute diseases, alumina is adapted to persons who suffer from chronic diseases. A person is thin, dark and lacks animal heat.

  1. Chamomilla of chronic diseases – Gratiola

Mentally the Gratiola patient is peevish, hysterical, ill-humored like Chamomilla. Hence Teste called it as the Chamomilla of chronic diseases.

Chamomilla of chronic diseases – Gratiola

  1. Nux-v symptoms in female – Gratiola

When symptoms of Nux vomica are found in a female, consider gratiola. Mental troubles from overweening pride. The patient is haughty, want of perseverance. Gastric symptoms like diarrhea, dyspepsia.

  1. Carbo veg of the surgeon – Stront-c

It is used for shock after extensive operations in abdomen producing symptoms like prostration, chilly, desires more cover, breath cold like carbo veg.

  1. Vegetable Sulphur – Lyc

Lycopodium spores were collected in considerable quantities in Germany to produce false lightning in theatres and in the manufacture of fireworks, because of its highly inflammable property.

  1. Vegetable Pyrogen – Malaria Officinalis

Malaria Officinalis is called vegetable pyrogen because it is produced from decaying vegetation and Pyrogen is the product of decaying flesh.

  1. Vegetable Calomel – Leptandra

Leptandra has the characteristic black stools. Constipation with hard black stool followed by a soft stool. The eclectics used this drug as vegetable calomel because of its dysenteric stools with liver complaints, dull, heavy and frontal headache.

  1. Veg Mercury – Phyt (Kent), Podo (Hughes)

Podophyllum and Phytolacca are called the “vegetable mercury” as it has a lot of symptoms resembling with mercury. Like mercury, the tongue takes the imprints of the teeth. It is covered with a whitish or yellowish coating, the breath is offensive and the saliva is copious.

  1. Friend of the occulist – Calc

Opacity of cornea in fat, flabby constitutions, where every cold settles in the eyes and produces inflammation and ulceration begins.

Friend of the occulist - Calc

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