Keynote Symptoms and Uses of Homeopathic Remedies – Part 1

The best way to learn about homeopathic remedies is to understand them from the homeopathic stalwarts – Hahnemann, Boericke, Clarke, Hering, Murphy, Boger, Boenninghausen, Kent, Margaret Tyler, and many others. Homeopathic literature by them is a treasure box for every homeopath. We must learn the uses of homeopathic remedies through their experiences and apply in our daily homeopathic practice. Here are few key remedies with their keynote symptoms for specific conditions to help you get confident in prescribing them.

Keynotes Homeopathic Remedies

Keynote symptoms of Homeopathic Remedies

1. Homeopathic catheter – Sabal serrulata

Sabal is an organ remedy for its marked action on genito-urinary organs.

A urinary catheter is inserted in the urethra to drain urine from the bladder in disease conditions affecting the genito-urinary system. Sabal is indicated in prostate enlargement when there is urine retention and difficulty in passing urine. It acts as a homeopathic catheter helping in the drainage of urine freely.

homeopathic catheter – Sabal serrulata

2. Often replaces the use of the catheter – Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris

It is a well-known homeopathy remedy in haemorrhagic conditions but is also indicated in urinary complaints when the urine runs away in little jets. After using this remedy the urine flows easily and hence avoids the usage of the urinary catheter.

Often replaces the use of the catheter – Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris

3. Vegetable trocar – Apoc

A Trocar is a surgical instrument used for withdrawing fluid from a body cavity. William Burt in his book ‘Physiological Materia Medica’ has mentioned the therapeutic uses of Apocynum by Hale.

Vegetable trocar – Apoc4. Homeopathic trocar – Ars

Margaret Tyler in her book Homeopathic Drug pictures have wrote, “Arsenic is one of our great remedies for shingles: it has produced and is valuable in the treatment of oedema and ascites, earning the name of “the homeopathic trocar” Only, always, the cardinal symptoms of Arsenic must be present: the anguish–restlessness–prostration:-the burning pains relieved by heat”

5. Homeopathic dynamic antiseptic – Pyrog

Boericke in his book, Thousand Remedies have noted the use of Pyrogen as a homeopathic dynamic antiseptic in cases of fever.

Homoeopathic dynamic antiseptic – Pyrog

6. Liquid knife – Kali-i

Kali-iodatum is exclusively indicated in stubborn suppurations difficult to heal. Kali iod drains it out easily and hence known as a liquid knife.

7. Corrector of blood dyscrasia – Echinacea

Dyscrasia is an abnormal state of the body or a body part. Echinacea is a powerful corrector of blood dyscrasia. It is indicated in symptoms of blood poisoning and septic conditions (ulcers and gangrene). The discharges are foul with emaciation and great fatigue.

8. Human barometer – Phos, Merc

Phosphorus and Mercurius are called as a human barometer because they both have great sensitive to external impressions, light, sound, touch, odor, electrical changes. All the illnesses begin after exposure to these external impressions.

9. Digitalis of lungs – Aspidosperma

Aspidosperma is known as digitalis of lungs as it removes temporary obstruction to oxygen supply to lungs and increases the oxidation by removing carbonic acid. The guiding symptom is want of breath during exertion – a principle symptom of cardiac asthma.

10. The Weathercock among remedies – Puls

Weathercock is defined as a person or thing that changes readily or often. Pulsatilla is suitable to females whose symptoms are changeable; she is well now and miserable at the next moment instantaneously.

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The weather cock among remedies - Puls

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The weather cock among remedies - Puls

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The weather cock among remedies - Puls

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The weather cock among remedies - Puls

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