Keynote Symptoms of Viburnum Opulus

Which remedies come in your mind while treating cases of dysmenorrhea? Mag-Phos, Aconite, Belladonna are the commonest hands-on homeopathic remedies for dysmenorrhea. But how many times these remedies fail to give relief to the patients and you lose faith that dysmenorrhea can’t be treated with homeopathy? Have you thought about ‘Viburnum Opulus’ when the common remedies fail to act? Let us study the remedy and the important keynote symptoms of Viburnum Opulus.

Common name: Cramp Bark, High Cranberry, Bush Cramp, Bark Water Elder

Remedy Picture:

Viburnum Opulus dysmenorrhea

Keynote symptoms of Viburnum Opulus

• The wild species of Viburnum Opulus is called ‘Cramp bark’ because of its curative power in painful spasmodic diseases, especially in dysmenorrhoea.
• Hale advises to give Vib. in spasmodic dysmenorrhoea. He advises to give a few drops of mother tincture to 3x thrice daily for a week before the period, every hour when the pains set in, or every fifteen minutes if the pains are severe
• It is suited to tall slender hysterical subjects
• She experiences sick feeling all over especially with pelvic complaints; often felt more in the stomach.
• Menses late, scanty, pale, early and frequent miscarriages.
• In the book by Henry Minton: Uterine Therapeutics, Henry wonderfully describes the course of menstruation symptoms in Viburnum.

Before Menstruation: There are cramps and pain the back which gradually extends to the pelvic region and down the thighs with a headache, nausea, and uneasiness. These excruciating colicky pains come on suddenly just before the menses and last for ten to twelve hours. She feels her back would break with the pain. Pain in the ovaries.

During Menstruation: There is a constant urge to urinate and nausea when the menses appear. She passes large quantities of clear, light-colored urine. She experiences the same pain before menses, pain through the uterus and lower abdomen.

After Menstruation: When the menses ceases, there is a discharge of thin, whitish yellow leucorrhoea with nausea and faintness.

• Menstrual pain is accompanied with feeling as if the breath would leave her body and heart would cease to beat.
• Aggravation modalities: movement, sudden jar, night, closed room, before menses
• Amelioration modalities: pressure, rest, open air
• Similar to Bell, Caul, Cimic, Goss, Lil-t, Puls, Sec, Sep when considering complaints in females



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