Knerr’s Repertory – Mind Rubrics

Knerr’s Repertory or The Repertory of Hering’s guiding symptoms of our Materia Medica is based on the concept of clinically verified symptoms which have been treated and managed with homoeopathic medicines. Knerr’s repertory is useful for contemporary homeopaths as they will be able to find the connection between examination, investigation and finding the similimum as this repertory is full of diagnostic rubrics.

Knerr's Repertory - Mind Rubrics

You will find abundant unique rubrics in the chapter – Mind and Disposition in Knerr repertory. Let us study few of them.

Mind rubrics in Knerr’s repertory.


Knerr's Repertory - Mind Rubric

  • [Mind and Disposition]ambition, mental trouble from disappointed:nux-v
  • [Mind And Disposition]Anger:Alternating With:Calmness: Croc
  • [Mind And Disposition]Anger:Convulsions, Causes: Cham, Kali-br, Bufo, Op

Knerr's Repertory Actions, Foolish

  • [Mind And Disposition]Anger:Regret At His Behavior, Making Earnest Apologies:Lyss
  • [Mind And Disposition]Anger:Sleeplessness, Causes: Coloc
  • [Mind And Disposition]Anguish (Agony):Angina Pectoris, In: Arn


  • [Mind And Disposition]Jealousy:Murder, With Attempts To: Hyos
  • [Mind And Disposition]Love, Disappointed:Drowsiness: Ph-ac
  • [Mind And Disposition]Play:Toys, Like Childish: Cic

Knerr's Repertory - Nat-s

Knerr's Repertory - Calc-ar

Knerr's Repertory - Hyperaesthesia

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