Melilotus – Religious Mania in Homeopathic Remedy

Which are the homeopathic remedies that come in your mind for ‘religious mania’? Belladona, Hyoscyamus, Sulphur or Stramonium? But there are about 27 remedies under the rubric – ‘religious affections: mania’ in Complete Repertory.


Melilotus ranks second and has 4 marks under religious mania. You must have known this remedy for headaches, congestion or hemorrhages. But when you study its mind it has one peculiar symptom: Religious melancholy with an intensely red face. Let us study its guiding indications and mind symptoms.

Mania Religious Affection

Guiding symptoms of Melilotus officinalis

Common Name

Yellow Sweet Clover, Yellow Melilot

  • Violent, congestive, throbbing nervous headaches > epistaxis, menstrual flow.
  • The tendency for haemorrhages profuse and bright red.
  • The face is flushed livid purple.
  • Epilepsy from blow to the head. Infantile spasm during dentition.
  • Wants to stretch the knee, though it does not relieve the pain
  • Pain with debility.

Mind symptoms of Melilotus officinalis from Sourcebooks.

A Primer Of Materia Medica By T. F. Allen:

Irascible, impatient, discontented, fault-finding. Stupid, indifferent, unable to fix the mind. Omits words and letters in writing. Unable to study; the memory will not retain anything.

Concise Materia Medica Of Hom. Remedies By S.R. Phatak:

Wants to run away and hide. Fear of danger, and being arrested, or talking loudly, she whispers. Treacherous memory. Thinks everyone is looking at her. Wants to kill himself, or threatens to kill who approach. Religious melancholy. Weeping.

Handbook Of Materia Medica And Homoeopathic Therapeutics By Allen T.F.:

Furious, had to lock him in his room for twenty-four hours. Irascible, impatient, discontented, fault-finding. Indolent, reluctant to rise in the morning, unwilling to set about anything, desire to do something else than the task belonging to the hour. Weeping in three attacks, without melancholy. Nervous and easily annoyed. Desire to be in the open air. Unable to fix mind, stupid, indifferent. Omit words and letters in writing. Unable to study, the memory will not retain anything. Talk incoherently, know what I want to say, but seem unable to express myself clearly, “words trip each other up.”

Religious melancholy. Hypochondriasis.

The Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia Medica (All 10 Vols.) By Hering C.:
  • Loss of memory.
  • Confusion of thought.
  • Inability to fix mind; stupid; indifferent; omits letters and words in writing.
  • Irascible; fairly furious.
  • Indolent; an overpowering stupor.
  • Total inability to study.
  • Religious melancholy of four months’ standing; intensely red face.
There’s a case mentioned in the homeopathic journal – Medical Advance specifically on Religious mania by Dr. E. B. Nash.

“In one case of mania which had supervened upon a partial sunstroke, and which assumed the religious form, the patient continually talking of her soul being lost and wanting me and everyone else to pray for her all the time – a case which several years before had been relieved by me with Stramonium, which now made no impression on the case, was quickly cured by Melilotus 12. I was led to this remedy by the intense redness of the face. I have guided by this symptom, used this remedy in brain fevers after Belladonna and Stramonium had failed, and it has often helped me. It has intense congestion to the head, which is often temporarily relieved by epistaxis, but the intensely red face is my “guiding symptom” for its use.”

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