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It might happen that even with a well-selected homeopathy remedy, a case doesn’t improve or the amelioration gets halted. In such cases, you can get a breakthrough with the application of Clinical Tips. These clinical tips have been compiled by experienced homeopathic physicians with decades of clinical practice. They have noted the effectiveness of remedies for certain clinical conditions. These pointers are called as Homeopathic Clinical Tips.

Clinical Tips

There are few hard copy books available in the market for Clinical prescribing. But in this digital age, it is wise to have an easily accessible software or mobile app for Clinical Tips. Hompath Zomeo Homeopathic Software has this utility. You will find Clinical Tips for over 600+ homeopathic remedies. They are arranged according to the remedies and give information about the tip, organ affected, potency to be used and its author. So along with repertorisation and reading materia medica, Zomeo has an abundance of such utilities.

Clinical Tips


Let us study a few of the Homeopathic Clinical Tips of the remedies beginning with A, B & C.

Homeopathic Clinical Tips.

Abies-n: Sensation as if hard body or hard-boiled egg in cardiac end of stomach or in esophagus. Hiatus hernia. Main sensation is horrible sensation of lump in top of stomach

Acon: Loss of vision after injury. It is worthy of note that the remedy is of special value in relation to eye injuries and has been described as ‘The Arnica of the eye’.

Agar: Trembling of extremities better during sleep

Ambr: Allergy to sulfa drugs

Ant-c: Antim-Crud works in almost 50-60% cases of corns or callosities. When no other drug specifics are available, give it in 30th potency

Ant-t: Wonderful remedy for bronchitis in children. Give Ant-Tart 6c, 2 pills every 2 hourly. It has a very characteristic symptom of rapid abdominal movement, abdomen is moving more than the chest, chest is filled with mucus and congestion.

Arn: After railway or road accident, horror of instant death with cardiac symptoms at night, patient goes off into a sleep of terror, jumps up again with this sudden fear of death

Aster: Excellent remedy when there is a disposition to develop pimples at adolescence

Aur: Aurum is one of our best remedies for bone pains. Never forget it. It ranks with Kali iodide, Asafoetida, and the Mercuries in the periosteal affections

Bac: Bacillinum 1M is known to successfully cure ringworm when given once a month

Bell-p: Bellis perennis is the first remedy in injuries of the deeper tissues after major surgical work

Bov: Bovista 6CH, 6 hourly for eczema on the back of hands or Baker’s eczema

Cact: Give the mountaineer’s remedy, which promotes adaptation to high altitudes (preferably commenced before ascent): Coca 30CH, 6h. Where Coca fails, Cactus grandiflorus 3X-30CH, 4 -6h may be considered in the prevention and treatment of acute mountain sickness (Colin B. Lessell)

Calc-f: This remedy is very useful for hair fall, when any other remedy picture not clear. It is known to arrest hair fall when given in low potency

Calc-pic: A remedy of prime importance in recurring or chronic boils, particularly when located on parts thinly covered with muscle tissue, as on shin bones, coccyx, auditory canal, dry, scurfy accumulation and exfoliation of epithelial scales, styes, etc.

Carc: Carcinosin is worthy of consideration in cases of severe fright, prolonged fear, or unhappiness

Chin-ar: Chininum ars 30CH is almost a specific remedy for children who get diarrhea from eggs

Above are the Clinical tips of homeopathic remedies beginning from A to C. We shall study the rest of the Clinical Tips in our other blog post.

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