Know Your Remedies well, Using Remedy Properties in Zomeo

We all study materia medica and the best way we remember the drugs is through its mental characteristics and some leading indications or in some cases through their modalities. It is a common habit in homeopaths to know a remedy from only certain aspects. Well, this does save time and this method may have helped in your years of successful practice.

Materia medica should be known from its sources, for example, the family of the remedy, which part of the plant is used etc. This is to know the ‘Remedy Properties’ of a remedy.

Zomeo homeopathic software offers this unique feature of Remedy Properties in its Materia medica section which consist information of more than 3000 remedies, which includes common, rare and newly proven remedies.

Remedies Properties

Select ‘Remedy’ option on top menu bar and click on Remedy list. When you select any remedy listed on left hand side, the window about properties is displayed.

Remedy List


Each remedy includes information about common and generic names, the chemical formula in case of minerals, the parts used in case of the plants, and the order of hierarchy of plants & animals.

It also includes the stage in which the remedy can be used, whether acute or chronic, side affinities, miasms covered, thermal state, thirst, appetite, sensitivity, etc. and many more such useful points.


It also includes images of more than 2000 remedies for a better understanding as well as doctrine of signature. The image of that particular remedy is also given beautifully and it helps to fix an image of that remedy in your brain which aids even better to remember the remedy.


Quick scanning through the keynotes of a remedy helps to know the remedy better, confirm your selection by back-checking after repertorization and give you an overall drug picture in summarized form. This keynotes section includes important headings such as

  • Synonyms,
  • Family & source,
  • Ailments from,
  • Modalities,
  • Mind symptoms,
  • Guiding indications,
  • Nucleus of the remedy,
  • clinical indications, etc.


Keynotes help both the students as well as practitioners of homeopathy to know their materia medica quickly and add to their base of knowledge.

Dr. Hahnemann said, “Nature has provided (by Divine Providence) the means for mankind to cure all its ills and it is for man to seek out these means“. Since years down the line, we homeopaths have been provided with the immense information about the naturally existing substances from plant, animal and mineral kingdom which we use as homeopathic remedies.

Use Zomeo, an advanced homeopathic software which is a compilation of vital resources that empowers doctors, teachers, students and researchers with its huge compilation of repertories, materia medica books and homeopathic library books.

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