Difference between Tarentula Hispanica & Tarentula Cubensis

Spiders form the largest and most widely distributed order of class of animals called Arachnida. Spiders particularly belong to the subclass Aranidae.

There are almost 10-12 spider remedies used in homeopathy, out of which 2 of them are very common and need to be differentiated: Tarentula Hispanica & Tarentula Cubensis.


Tarentula Hispanica

  • Hispanica digs a vertical hole in the ground and covers it with the web so that it resembles the surroundings luring the unsuspecting prey. Such is the intelligence of this spider. Such patients are extremely intelligent to the extent of being foxy and cunning. It pounces on its prey with a sudden and violent attack and quickly goes back into its hole. This violence is seen in patients with violent movements like twitching jerking and epilepsy. During mating season, after an amatory dance, the female spider selects one male spider for mating and kills others. If she does not get the required space after mating, she kills her mating partner. Such is the destructiveness and aggressiveness of T. hispanica.
  • hispanica patients know how to get the things they want. They are great manipulators prone to lying and deception.

Hurried nature of T. hispanica patients is attributed to the hurried activity in the nests & to the poison which accelerate their nervous system. T. hispanica patients are compelled to move about constantly. Lower extremities are most restless. Restlessness with great anxiety & apprehension is present. They are industrious and highly productive in their work.

Sphere of Action: Venom has affinity for motor and sensory functions of nervous system resulting in severe restlessness and uncontrollable agitation. It affects the circulatory system and lymphatic leading to congestion, cellulites and lymphadenitis.


It has a nervous and hysterical temperament with tendency to chorea. They are manipulative and cunning. It is suited especially to restless patients, and those who are changeable easily; from happiness to melancholy, from calm and gentile behaviour to violence easily.

Leading indications

  • Restlessness, can never sit still. Restless mentality and physically, keeps in constant motion even though motion aggravates.
  • Sensitive to music/better by music and rhythm, massaging, dancing and rubbing.
  • Chorea and involuntary movements. Constant motion of different parts of body with special affinity to right arm and left leg. Movements stops only during sleep.
  • Chilly, yet desire for and relieved in open air
  • Aversion to colours red green and black
  • Hysterical disposition, feigns sickness when observed, better when alone, sudden changes in mood.
  • Complaints recur at the same time or period annually
  • Hyperesthesia with sudden attacks of chorea
  • Nymphomania, increased sexual desire going to a state of mania


  • Hysteria and foxiness when she finds people observing her she feigns all sort of sickness like fainting and other manipulations. Feigning, demeanour, shy but actually very cunning.
  • Destructiveness, insanity
  • All complaints are relieved by music.


Since Tarentula Cubensis is prepared from a decomposed specimen, it has a pyogenic effect on the body which is the main point of differentiation between T. hispanica & T. cubensis.

Leading indications

  • Haemotoxic: acts on blood, indicated for malignant suppurative conditions like carbuncles, felons, abscess and anthrax. Most severe types of inflammations and pains are met with by this remedy
  • Periodicity: troubles occur at the same time every year
  • Atrocious burning and stinging pains, violent, aggravated at night, patient is forced to get up and walk about
  • Bluish purple hue of affected parts
  • Early and persistent prostration in septic conditions and diphtheria
  • Remedy for pains of death, soothes the last struggle
  • Pthisis, especially about the genitals.
  • Restless feet
  • Intermittent fever aggravated at night with septic chills
  • Lt sided chorea
  • Whooping cough violence with dryness & hoarseness & and rawness of chest. After paroxysm gets out of breath
  • Skin: Malignant suppurative conditions like anthrax and carbuncle. Felons, abscess gangrene etc. Red spots and pimples, bluish purple hue of affected parts. Good for carbuncles with atrocious burning pains. Abscess where pain and inflammation predominates, Scirrhus cancer of breast, senile ulcers.

Modalities: Since, they belong to family of spiders, the modalities are quite common.

  • Aggravations: Periodicity, touch, cold, noise, damp, evening, hands in cold water, after menses and after coitus
  • Ameliorations: Riding in a carriage, rubbing, relaxation, sweating, rhythmic music, and open air.

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