Announcing Zomeo Homeopathic Software Version 13.2

We are excited to introduce you to our newest, upgraded version of Zomeo homeopathic software with new features and a beautifully resigned user interface. Our team has been hard at work researching and building the best Zomeo experience for Windows and we have great news. Zomeo, now is available on Ubuntu and Mac users.   Our priority is to provide an unmatched experience for quick search of rubrics and repertorising the cases. Don’t worry – we haven’t changed any of the must-have features.

There is a new look of rubrics in a repertory, typography and icons. It would be much soothing and easy to look for a particular rubric. We have minimized the number of clicks and opening of various tabs.

We want to ensure that nothing goes amiss with respect to remedy or important information when you begin analysing a case. Right from a new registration of your patient to repertorisation sheet is faster, and easier to use with no hassles or questioning, “Where to look for?”

We’re excited to bring you the fresh and modern look of Zomeo homeopathic software. Hang on to learn more about our new look, improvements and be the first to know about it.

Here’s a sneak peek of new upgraded version soon to be in front of you:

1) You’ll notice the new avatars of feature icons and a very simple to add the registration information.



Simple check-box to add the symptoms in Quick symptom record and the symptom found in the corresponding repertory


Quick symptom record

When you search for particular rubric, it gets highlighted with no strain on eyes


search rubric

As soon as you type the rubric in level search, the symptom highlights and opens up in the chapter of the repertory containing the rubric


Rubric Level Search

Eye appealing look of chapter in repertory

chapter in repertory

To get an entire look of new features and working, watch the training video of All New Zomeo Homeopathy Software, Case Analysis and Repertorisation techniques using Zomeo Repertory Software.

This training will help you with:

  • In-depth knowledge on “How to use Zomeo Repertory Software” in your daily practice and enhance your case taking and analysis.
  • Insights on how to search, record and analyse your patient symptoms and convert them to rubrics
  • Ways to record your symptoms using best tools like Quick Repertorization and Quick Symptom Record
  • Ways to compare and confirm remedies and arrive at right remedy
  • Method to use potency selector to decide the right potency
  • Effective use of homeopathy books and search symptoms from books library
  • Manage your patient files


Training Video Maintosh

Training Video Windows



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