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The most widely used bedside clinical repertory is attached to Pocket Manual Of Homoeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke. Boericke’s Clinical Repertory is compiled by Dr. Oscar Eugene.

This repertory contains clinical symptoms or conditions and corresponding group of medicines. They facilitate the selection of a remedy on the basis of pathological similarity, causation, modalities and concomitants. The symptoms which are actively attributable to the pathogenesis, i.e., those relating to the causation, maintenance or modification of the disease phenomenon in the patient, assume a greater significance.

There are many single remedy rubrics in Boericke repertory which must be taken into consideration. Let us study few of them.

Single Remedy Rubrics Boericke Repertory

Single Remedy Rubrics – Mind Chapter
  • Fears, dread: Heart ceases beating, must move: Gels
  • Fears, dread: Lectophobia: Cann-s (Fear to lie down/to fall asleep)
  • Fears, dread:Rain: Naja
  • Propensity to: Repeat everything: Zinc-m
  • Propensity to: Stretch and yawn incessantly: Plb
Single Remedy Rubrics – Chapter – Female
  • Leucorrhoea, remedies in general: Type:Flesh colored,  like washing of meat, non-offensive: Nit-ac
  • Leucorrhoea, remedies in general: Concomitants:Feeling,  as if warm water running: Bor
  • Menstruation, type: Suppressed:Asthma,  with: Spong
  • Menstruation, type: Suppressed:Disappointed love, from: Hell
  • Uterus: Haemorrhage with:Feeling:As if back and hips were falling to pieces, relieved by bandaging: Trillium
  • Uterus: Haemorrhage with:Feeling:Of enlarged head: Bad

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Single Remedy Rubrics – Locomotor system
  • Coccyx:Neuralgia, worse rising from sitting posture: Lach
  • Coccyx:Pain (Coccygodynia):Bruised:Injury from: Hyper
  • Palms:Stiffness of hands while writing: Kali-m
  • Palms:Injury with intolerable pain: Hyper
  • Fingers:Fidgety, must move constantly: Kali-br
  • Fingers:Impression deep, from scissors: Bov
  • Feet:Tender feet with shop girls: Squil
Single Remedy Rubrics – Modalities
  • Aggravation:Bending:Double: Dios
  • Aggravation:Laundry work: Sep
  • Aggravation:High altitudes: Coca
  • Aggravation:People, presence of: Ambr
  • Ameliorations:Combing hair: Form
  • Ameliorations:Ice, holding in mouth: Coff
  • Ameliorations:Magnetized: Phos
Single Remedy Rubrics – Generalities

Complaints, abuse of:

•  Aconite: Sulph
•  Cod liver oil: Hep
•  Colchicum: Led
•  Condiments: Nux-v
•  Nitrate of silver: Nat-m
•  Tar, locally: Bov
•  Turpentine: Nux-m

Single Remedy Rubrics – Circulatory System
  • Palpitation:Cause:Children, growing too fast: Ph-ac
  • Palpitation:Cause:Tea drinking: Cinch
  • Palpitation:Cause:Worms: Spig
  • Sensations as if,  heart were:Drops falling from: Cann-s


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