Vulnerary Medicines in Homeopathy


Vulnerary is a remedy useful for treating wounds and injuries. Homeopathy has a collection of vulnerary medicines in its treasury. Let us learn the indications of a few homeopathic vulnerary medicines.


Aristolochia Clematis

The name Aristolochia is supposed to have been introduced by Paracelsus and means “excellent for labor,” thus referring to its relation to the female genital function. It also has had widespread use in popular medicine as a vulnerary in infected wounds, blisters from mechanical causes.

THE HOMOEOPATHIC RECORDER by Robert H mentions it as a vulnerary, it seems to be superior to Calendula.

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There are the sprained pains of Rhus, the bruised pains of Arn.; Ruta also has bruised pains, but these are more particularly manifested in bones. Ruta is one of the chief remedies for injured bones and especially bruised bones. – Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

Ledum pal

Ledum often follows Arnica after a bruise, as it will often remove the ecchymosis and discoloration more perfectly and rapidly. For black and blue spots from blows or bruises, for a black eye, there is no better remedy. – A manual of homeopathic therapeutics by Neatby. E.


Extreme hyperesthesia of the back, the sensitiveness is so great that the least tactile impression sends a vibration of pain to remote parts of the body. – A Study on Materia Medica by N. M. Choudhuri

Erigeron Canadensis

Remedy for haemorrhages and congestions. Bright red haemorrhages. It compares as a vulnerary with Arnica.


Millefolium has been used as a vulnerary from very ancient times and is mentioned in the “Iliad” as having been used by Achilles to heal the wounds of his troops. It is a remedy for hemorrhages that are less passive than those of hamamelis but not connected with expulsive action like those of ipecacuanha. The blood is bright and clotted and may proceed from wounds or from the nose, chest, bowels, kidneys or uterus. It has been employed in epistaxis and haemoptysis, for black, offensive or blood-stained diarrhoea, haematuria, menorrhagia and wounds that bleed profusely, especially when they are caused by a fall. – A Manual Of Homoeopathic Therapeutics By Neatby E.

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