Treating Breathlessness of an Acute Bronchial Asthma case with Zomeo

We were able to provide profound relief in breathlessness of an 18 year old girl suffering from Acute Bronchial Asthma using the Quick Repertorisation feature of the Zomeo Desktop Software.

An 18 year old girl from a strong Catholic background came to us in a very acute condition. She was not only suffering from severe acute bronchial asthma with breathlessness but also from cracking and painful joints. Thanks to the facilities provided by Zomeo, we were able to reach a similimum for Acute totality through Quick Repertorisation in no time.

Her acute symptoms were as follows:

  • Breathlessness
  • < Cold drinks
  • < Cold Water
  • < Draft of air
  • < Monsoon
  • < Getting wet
  •  < Midnight fear
  • > Dry Climate
  • > Warm drinks
  • > Tea
  • > Going out of Mumbai

Mental Symptoms:

  • Anxiety + 3   Fear of death
  • Restlessness + 3
  • Physical Complaints-
  • Joints Cracking & Painful
  • Cough with white expectoration
  • Watery discharges
  • Personal History-
  • Thermal- Chilly
  • Thirst- + 2 Little water at a time
  • Appetite – Normal
  • Cravings – Sweets, Fast food, tea
  • Aversion – Vegetables
  • Bowel – Occasionally Constipated
  • Urine – N
  • Sweat   + + in summer, underarms
  • Sleepless because of attacks & thoughts

Life History:

  • Has regular physical relations with this boy
  • Got pregnant once & had an abortion
  • She gets very angry and in anger, she would break things


Repertorisation table for acute totality:

Some quick reading from the Respiratory section of the remedy Arsenic Alb from Boericke in the Zomeo Desktop helped us to confirm the symptoms….

Thus, simply giving a single dose of Ars Alb 30 in a single dose, we were able to offer great relief to the patient for her acute symptoms.

Constitutional totality:        

  • Heavy baby
  • Anger – Violent
  • Contradiction intolerant of
  • Charge to sex 3 premarital
  • Guilt
  • < Monsoon, getting wet
  • > Dry climate
  • Cracking joints
  • Attractiveness

The Calcarea element in the remedy indicated for fat, flabby females. ‘Attractiveness’ is another strong feature of a Calc patient. Painful joints in a violent, angry and guilty patient who then suffers from painful, stiff joints is strongly indicative of the remedy, Calcarea Flour.

Here’s a vivid explanation of the remedy, Calc-f in Lectures of homeopathy J.T Kent. We could listen to the remedy in the Zomeo Desktop version at our leisure and reach the similimum accurately.

The patient recovered completely with the similimum in no time and was able to lead a near normal life.

Zomeo- All about Homeo is on Zomeo.

True to its caption, the Zomeo Desktop version was created to be the complete Homeopathic software solution to cater to the need of every Homeopath. It makes Repertorisation so much simpler, assisting a Homeopath to come to a Similimum in no time, it has the provision of a ‘Quick Repertorisation’ feature that helps you reach the correct remedy in a jiffy.

A Case that was treated effortlessly through the Zomeo Desktop in a jiffy is depicted here. Not only did we reach a similimum for acute totality through the Quick Repertorisation feature but we also treated the patient chronically by confirming her symptoms by browsing through materia medica books.

So complete and enriching was the experience of this wonderful yet complete Homeopathic App by Hompath.

So, here’s the complete Homeopathic software solution  Zomeo a friend, philosopher, and guide for every student, teacher, and practitioner of the Homeopathic world !!!


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