FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE(FMD) in Animals-Vet Homeopathy

Foot and mouth disease in animals

Foot and Mouth Disease(FMD) : It is an acute febrile, highly contagious disease, characterized by vesicular eruptions in the epithelium of buccal cavity, tongue, muzzle, feet, teats and udder.

Foot and Mouth Disease(FMD) is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of cattle and swine. It also affects sheep, goats, deer, and other animas. The disease spreads very quickly if not controlled and because of its reportable nature.


1. Incubation period is 2 to 8 days
2. Fever from 104 to 106 degree F
3. Depression
4. Dejection & Apathy to food and water
5. Reduction in milk yield
6. Formation of vesicles on oral mucosa, interdigital space and udder.
7. In later stages reduction of temperature, profuse salivation and lameness
8. Drooling of foamy, roapy salivation, protrusion of the tongue.
9. Erosion and ulceration of oral mucosa and tongue
10. Vesicles produce severe pain, lameness, mastitis and
11. Abortion.

Homeopathic Treatment:

1. Arsenic alb 30 : It is effective at the initial stage Dose : 4 times / 1 day
2. Mercsol 200 : For curative BID / 2 days, Prophylactic BID / 1 day
3. Rhustox 30 : When there is stiffness and lameness. It follows Merc. sol Dose : 4 times / 2-3 days
4. Nat. Mur 30 : When there is debility and weakness and can be given after 2 weeks. It follows Rhustox Dose : Q.I.D. / day
5. Fer. Phos 6x + Kali mur 6x : When there is pyrexia and respiratory signs, Repeated every 3 hrs at initial stage
6. Borax : When weakness, debility and inflammation Dose : Q.I.D
7. Five phos 6x + Alfaalfa 6 + Ipeca 30 : for speedy recovery and panters Dose : BID for 7 to 10 days

FMD hompath

Active Foot and Mouth Disease:

– Mouth has to be washed 4 times in a day with 1 tea spoonful of sodium bicarb (cooking soda) in 2 liters of water or one tablespoon of washing soda (sodium carbonate) in a bucket of water.
– Merck sol 30, Rhus tox 30, Borax 30, Q. Echinacea, Variolinum 200, Nitric acid 200, Zincum metallicum 200, and each 10 drops in two teaspoonfuls of water 4 times in a day can be used.
– Q. Hydrastasis 1 part 9 parts water as mouthwash helps quick healing.
– Castor equi 200: Helps in hardening the soft hooves, but reduces the milk yield. Hence Calcaria Phos 200 is used along with this.


To prevent FMD 20 pills of Borax 200 can be fed once a week till vaccination.

After effects of Foot and Mouth Disease:

Iodum 200, Ipecac 200 each 15 pills, Selenium 30, Echinacea 30, Calcaria Phos 30, each 10 pills TID are advised for 7 – 10 days. Can be repeated after 1 week.

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