Understanding of Lac Caninum from Materia Medica by Dr. K. N. Mathur

As an amateur homeopath, I have read and learnt only about a few homeopaths so far. I was fortunate enough to lay my hands upon Zomeo Ultimate Homeopathic software where I browsed many homeopaths and came across Dr. Kailash Narain Mathur.

Dr. K. N. Mathur was an MBBS doctor who served the Indian Army for nearly 10 years during the World War II. He had understood the importance of Allopathy in surgical cases but realized its futility in the chronic, organic and miasmatic diseases. And since then he had worked ceaselessly to promote homeopathy.

He has taught many students, has been an author of many books and articles. His books include: Diabetes Mellitus, Organon, Repertory, Pathology, and Principles of Prescribing etc. He has classified the indications of a remedy in particular manner: Constitutional indications, Specific Indications, Biochemic Indications, and Organopathic Indications.  I would like to share an excerpt of constitutional indications of Lac Caninum from this book.

Systematic Materia Medica of Homeopathic remedies.

Systematic Materia Medica of Homeopathic remedies. A book by Dr. K. N. Mathur in Hompath Zomeo

Lac Caninum:

It is a constitutional remedy in the following type of patients:

  • Who are very forgetful and absent minded; make purchases and walk away without them. (Agn c, Anac, Caust, Nat c).
  • Who cannot concentrate the mind to read or study; in writing use too many words or not the right ones; omits final letter or letters in a word
  • Who are nervous, restless, highly sensitive organisms
  • Who are despondent, hopeless; think their disease incurable; have not a friend living; nothing worth living for; could weep at any moment (Act r, Aur, Calc c, Lach). Chronic blue condition, everything seems dark.
  • Who are cross, irritable
  • Who fear to be alone; of dying; of becoming insane; of falling down stairs
  • Who are disposed to attacks of rage, cursing, swearing at slightest provocation
  • Who are very hungry; as hungry after eating as before (Casc, Calc c, Cina, Lyc, Stront)
  • Who are highly sensitive to touch especially the sexual organs are easily excited from touch, pressure or friction by walking (Cinn, Coff, Mur ac, Plat)
  • Child: cross irritable; cries and screams all the time especially at night. (Jal, Nux v, Psor)

These are just some of the highlights, and of course the whole picture is described too well in the book itself.

We, the neo-homeopaths are always exposed to new literature, proving, etc. and every new point definitely helps us in our practice. A single remedy may be interpreted differently by a different homeopath and all of them have been equally successful!

Zomeo Ultimate gives more than 100 books on materia medica alone, and even more in other subjects by many different renowned and lesser known, yet remarkable authors. And each new book, each new remedy helps us grow in practice daily.

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