Excellent case of Sulphur from the British Homeopathic Journal

British Homeopathic Journal

Volume: 1912-Volume XXVII No. 5

This is an excellent case of Sulphur that appeared in the British Homeopathic Journal. The medicine was prescribed on the basis of the most characteristic mental, physical, particular and general symptoms. Let us use our Hompath software to solve this case and arrive at a Similimum within minutes.

“Mrs. H.S. came to me 2-12-07 with the following symptoms which I will give in her own language: “I am so nervous, I am afraid I shall kill my own people, as I go all to pieces and I cannot control myself. Thinking about killing, I dream of killing my little girl. If I do not get better soon I shall commit murder. Every afternoon I have pain over my eyes as if burned. I can’t read at night as there sharp pains going through my eyes; if I persist in reading dark points appear on the page so I cannot see the print. Hungry most of the time, in morning when I wake up there is burning pain in my stomach which grows worse until I get up, when it goes away. Also have to take pills to move my bowels; before they move there is a sharp cutting pain in the rectum and many times the bowels come out while at the stools. If I drink beer, I will have piles for 2 or 3 days. My menses have been too often since my last child, 3 years ago, and for a week, I am sick, have whites in the morning, which are much worse while walking is not much flow, and it only lasts 2 or 3 days and as sour as vinegar. I can’t sew for past one month, as there are stitching pains in the back of my neck-when bending my head forward. Feet cold as ice every afternoon and the cramps in my calves keep me awake nearly all night. Do not shop, as I feel so badly when I have to stand long.”

Case in Hompath Zomeo

Case of Sulphur Repertorised using Hompath Zomeo

This is a case of rectal prolapse associated with piles. Other complaints are vision disturbances, protracted menses, pain in the neck and cramps in the calf muscles. Following is the totality of the symptoms and the rubrics selected using the Zomeo Ultimate which has numerous repertories such as  Complete, Kent, Boger, Boenninghausen, Boericke, Murphy, etc. to name a few

Totality of Symptoms:

  • Fear of killing
  • Dreams of murder
  • Burning pain in the eyes in the afternoon
  • Dark points appearing while reading
  • Burning pain in the stomach on waking
  • Cutting pain in the rectum while passing stools
  • Rectal prolapse while passing stool
  • Leucorrhoea especially morning
  • Scanty and frequent menses
  • Stitching pain in neck
  • Aggravation on bending head
  • Standing difficult

You can see how wonderfully Sulphur covers each and every symptom recorded from Complete repertory. And surely the patient said in her own words, “I have never felt better like this before”. She was alright within 5 months, and that is the beauty of homeopathy.

Using Zomoe Ultimate saves time, gives you the most magnificent results and your practice continues to soar high.

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