Homeopathic Therapy for Living with Allergies by celebrated Homeopath Dr. Dhiraj Nanda

Homeopathy is one of the best treatment options available for allergies. It has gained a reputation for being the most natural and effective treatment option for allergies among people world over. In fact, more and more people opt for it as their first choice of treatment.

As we all know, Homeopathy not only tackles the acute attack but also tames the inherent allergic disposition of the person. But a lot of Homeopaths find that it is a difficult condition to treat.

Keeping this in mind, well known Homeopath, Dr. Dhiraj Nanda has authored a book named “Homeopathic Therapy for Living with Allergies” which is available for you to read in Zomeo, the ultimate homeopathic software for all your Homeopathy needs.

Dr. Dhiraj Nanda is a celebrated Homeopath who has been practicing since more than 20 years. He has authored various Homeopathy books and has even presented numerous papers at national and international conferences and seminars.

The book “Homeopathic Therapy for Living with Allergies” elaborates tips on how to manage allergies in patients. The book is written so well that not just Homeopaths, even doctors practicing conventional medicine can refer to it for an in depth understanding of allergies, the lifestyle alterations that assist treatment and the Homeopathic medical management of allergies.

Chest physician, Dr. P.S. Bhatt, in his foreword says, “Progressive aversion to Allopathic medicine, the dawning era of Holistic medicine and the vital need to establish Homoeopathy’s credibility in allergic diseases – all these factors combine to make this book fulfill a void which has existed for long.”

The book has 3 essential parts: General information about allergies, Specific allergies and Some common allergic diseases.

I would recommend this book to all Homeopaths for further insight in the treatment of allergies. It will add to your knowledge and give you a wider perspective on how to manage allergies homeopathically.

Not just this book, Zomeo, the most innovative Homeopathy software, has 1250+ Homeopathic books in its tresorie which you can refer to for your reference. Its user-friendly interface, its large database and the various repertories make it a must-have for all Homeopaths.

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