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Biochemic tissue salts have been famously used along with homeopathy by many homeopaths across the world, delivering excellent results in their patients. These Schuessler’s Salts were first introduced by a German Homeopathic physician, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler.

Dr. Schuessler observed that disease was caused due to an imbalance between the 12 important cell salts. These minerals play an important role in maintaining the balance of body, its wear and tear, growth and development. The biochemic tissue salts are homeopathically prepared, potentized micro-doses of the essential minerals required by each and every cell of the body.

While classic homeopathy remains the chief approach in any clinical condition, the role of biochemic tissue salts as an adjuvant cannot be underestimated. Biochemic tissue salts just hit the right spot and place themselves where they are most needed, thus restoring the much need equilibrium. Tissue salts supplements always help to enhance the homeopathic treatment and help bring about a much needed rapid healing in the patient.

Biochemic tissue salts

There are many sources from which biochemical tissue salts can be studied; and you might as well be perplexed from the whole lot of information available. We are thus presenting with the “Biochemic Tissue Salts” Mobile App which has been created using extensive research from the best possible sources and compiled to precision and perfection.

Learning and practicing biochemic tissue salts becomes simple using this app. Although there are only 12 Schuessler’s tissue salts, their combinations can be plenty. Both single and combined administration of tissue salts has worked wonders in the treatment.

A very handy tool for students who are preparing for their theories and viva, it is an app that can be used effortlessly during those crucial hours before exams. The practitioners can run through the clinical conditions and find out the most apt tissue salts or their combination within seconds while in their clinics.

Biochemic tissue Salts App introduces you to the wide world of tissue salts, their indications, used singly and in combinations. The app is simple yet complete; covering the topics of introduction, common name, method of preparation, Ailments from, Constitution, Miasms, physical and mental key symptoms, modalities and therapeutics. This app is indeed a complete package for all those who are learners and practitioners of Biochemic Tissue Salts.

Isn’t an app in hand better than few books on your shelf? Experience impeccable results and get your patients recovering with Biochemic Tissue Salts app!


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