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Homeopathy has extended its wonders from humans to even plants and animals. Many aware, alert individuals are now choosing homeopathy for treating their pets and animals. Vet homeopathy has become an important sector and veterinarians across the world are successfully treating animals with Veterinary Homeopathy.

The principles of homeopathy that apply to us humans apply very similarly to animals as well. Many chronic and recurring illnesses in animals can be treated wonderfully with homeopathy. The idea behind using Homeopathy is to strengthen the immunity of the animals and treat the disease from the roots.

Examples of diseases in animals that respond very well to Homeopathy are: skin allergies, ear infections, asthma, IBD, epilepsy and many other conditions. Homeopathy can rapidly treat acute diseases like traumatic injuries, infections and poisonings as well.

Considering this growing importance of Veterinary Homeopathy and its wide applications, Hompath comes up with an exclusive creation, “Hompath Vet App”.

Hompath Vet mobile app

The app is designed to help you find out the perfect homeopathic medicine for pets and animals, to provide you with immense knowledge about how to handle veterinary cases and wide range of information about Vet homeopathy from its exhaustive library.

Hompath Vet is equipped with unique features like:


  • Repertory
  • Vet Library & Materia Medica
  • Vet Prescriber
  • Quick Case Record
  • Patient Management System
  • Remedy Information
  • Repertorization filters
  • Utilities

Hompath Vet features

Repertory consists of 3 repertories from eminent homeopaths Boericke, Kent and Dr. Surjit Singh Makker. With this repertory, you can easily browse through and select the best possible rubric for the condition of the pet. Quick Case record is an amazing feature and lets you to record the rubrics as the symptoms of the pet are narrated. This automatically repertorizes the rubric saving a lot of time.

Apart from repertorization, Hompath Vet consists of a library which has the latest and authentic collection of books from established homeopathy-veterinary practitioners like James Moore, John Rush etc. Another interesting feature is the Vet Prescriber which is a unique book including information on diseases of the major systems in the animals.

The section of Utilities is again excellent for its precise information on First Aid, Emergency care, and other intricate details which add value to homeopathic treatment for animals.

So if you love to handle the pets and animals with tender loving care, and insist upon giving quality treatment to them, Hompath Vet app is definitely the way to go! Your user-friendly guide to Veterinary Homeopathic practice!

To Download this app on Android and iOS :

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