Perceiving Rubrics of Mind by Dr. Farokh Master

Dr. Farokh Master is a well known name in the world of Homeopathy. As a prolific writer, orator, teacher and physician Dr. Master has travelled to nearly 40 countries teaching and spreading the art and science of Homeopathy worldwide. He recently completed his PhD in ‘Management of Cancer with Homeopathy’ and is considered a stalwart in the field of cancer and Homeopathy due to his scientific research and publications at international platforms like I.A.S.P.

Dr. Master has written more than 55 books on Homeopathy. And every book gives useful insights to students as well as Homeopathy practitioners which help them immensely in their practice. One such book he has authored is ‘Perceiving Rubrics of Mind’.

One of the key problems Homeopaths face in practice is the conversion of the patient’s mental symptoms in to rubrics. It is not very difficult to obtain a detailed and accurate case history from the patient. With a little effort, we can uncover all the feelings and emotions of the patient . But what use are the symptoms unless accurately converted into a rubric.

Don’t you agree that all those details in the case history are useless if not converted to correct rubrics? Don’t you agree that it is very important to understand the exact meaning of what the patient is trying to convey? If we misinterpret his mental symptoms – the entire remedy will change. And then as a result, the patient will get no relief.

Just to give you a broad example – if the patient says, ‘I don’t like to be alone at home’, will you convert this to ‘Fear of being alone’; ‘aversion, alone to being’ or ‘company desires’? Each rubric has different remedies! Of course, you need to dig a little deeper for the exact reason the patient doesn’t like to be alone, but if you do not have a clear understanding of the rubrics, there is a huge possibility that you may arrive at a wrong similimum.

Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind Farokh Master

Dr. Farokh Master, in his book ‘Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind’ has described each rubric of the mind in detail – giving the exact meaning of the rubric. Under each rubric he has also explained the possible disease conditions it may be found in along with the remedies for that particular rubric. Under each rubric, Dr. Master has also mentioned cross references so that we can accurately narrow down the symptom. He has simplified it so well that once you read this book converting symptoms in to rubrics will become less cumbersome.

For example, under the rubric ‘Weary of Life’ he has mentioned ‘ennui, loathing’ as the cross reference. And goes on to give the exact meaning and explanation of the rubric, followed by the disease condition and drugs it is seen in.

With the help of this book, understanding and perceiving the case becomes easier. I stumbled upon this book in Zomeo Ultimate, the Homeopathic software. After reading this book, converting the symptoms to rubrics has become a lot easier. And with the help of the ‘quick repertorisation’ feature of Zomeo – I am able to repertorize my case at lightning fast speed – and absolutely accurately at that!

Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind Farokh Master in Hompath Zomeo

I have found Zomeo to be my most sensible and rewarding investment. 1250+ Materia Medica books, 41 repertories (including Complete Repertory 2016!), Patient management system with appointment scheduler and complete information on 3200 remedies – all in one power packed software! What else can I ask for?

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