Boericke Repertory: How to use it skillfully in clinical practice?


Boericke Repertory is the most widely used bedside clinical repertory in Homeopathic clinical practice. It contains clinical symptoms and conditions with a corresponding group of medicines. Boericke Repertory facilitates the selection of a remedy on the basis of pathological similarity, causation, modalities, and concomitants.

Boericke repertory can be used for cases where clinical conditions mask the characteristics of the patient. In such cases, we can find the prominent common symptoms with a few modalities and concomitants.

Boericke repertory comes in handy in the following cases:

  • When there are small symptoms with big values. Eg. Propensity to: Repeat everything: Zinc-m
  • For one-sided diseases, when no other indication is present. Eg. Gallstones without any major symptoms, except constipation. [Boericke ] [Abdomen]CONSTIPATION, REMEDIES IN GENERAL: Concomitants:Gall-stones, jaundice: Chion
  • To prescribe on the basis of nosological diagnosis. Eg. Boericke, Mind, Cretinism
  • In cases where a definite cause is unknown
  • To prescribe on basis of pathological generals. Eg. [Boericke ] [Urinary System]BLADDER:Enuresis, incontinence, remedies in general:Cause:Catheterization, after:
  • Mag-p
  • For the prescription of a prophylactic remedy. [Boericke], [Generalities] PROPHYLACTICS: Measles: Acon, Ars, Puls
  • For prescription based on suppressed effects
  • And definitely for acute cases

Boericke repertory is very helpful in finding small remedies, especially for treating pathologies in Homeopathic clinical practice. It contains over 8000 symptoms and cites about astonishing 1100 remedies! Experienced and expert Homeopaths have used Boericke Repertory judiciously and have confidently prescribed rare and small remedies on the basis of single-remedy rubrics.

Using Boericke Repertory with Hompath Zomeo enhances its utility and gives you results within seconds. The clean user interface of Zomeo, quick modules, and features, instant cross-references of rubrics, and direct access to materia medica of Boericke makes it easy to confirm the remedies that are selected.

Here are some of the outstanding rubrics that have helped countless Homeopaths in their clinical practice.

  1. For example, a patient comes with Herpes on his axilla:Boericke Repertory
  2. A patient complains of vertigo on turning the eyes:Boericke Vertigo
  3. There was a short case of an old male aged 76 years who would not lie down fearing he will die if he goes to sleep. This needed urgent medicine because this man had refused to lie down for the last 16 hours. No major history or totality was taken, except:

Mind Repertory

Lectophobia is a fear of lying down/falling asleep and you will find this symptom only in Boericke Repertory. The patient slept within 15 minutes of administering Cannabis Sativa 1M 1 dose.

  1. Here is a case of a 17-year-old boy, who had an acute attack of Bell’s palsy on the right side. His main complaints were stiffness, twitching of the facial muscles, and tremendous pain. He came with an excruciating pain that was shooting across his face. This happened after his results from 10th Grade were out and he scored less percentage as compared to what he expected. He was highly angered and disappointed and within 2 to 3 days these complaints started.

Based on this acute history, the following rubrics from Boericke repertory were considered and we prescribed him Causticum 200 BD for 3 days. His pain was absolutely fine within 2 days of taking medicine and soon within a week his symptoms of Bell’s palsy had improved.

Boericke Repertorization

In this case, Gelsemium did come first in repertorization, but since was obviously right sided, Causticum was selected.

Boercike Repertory was indispensable during the difficult times of Covid too. Thousands of Homeopaths have treated and managed Covid cases in their Homeopathic clinical practice easily even when medicine selection had to be made in seconds, based on the presenting particular totality of symptoms and fever. Medicines were prescribed quickly on the basis of which part of the body was chilliness marked, the heat or even the sweat stages, Boericke Repertory was a savior during acute and emergency times.

Repertory Fever

Although, underrated or underused by Homeopaths who strictly follow the constitutional practice using giving more importance to the complete picture, including the mental symptoms, the Boericke repertory is still by far one of the most practical and easy-to-use repertories in acute Homeopathic clinical practice.

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