Choleric Temperament and Homeopathic Remedies

The humor theory (based on 4 body fluids) by Hippocrates has lead to classification of temperaments, viz. sanguine representing the blood, choleric- yellow bile, phlegmatic- phlegm & melancholic representing black bile. Choleric also called the ‘bilious’ temperament is due to abundance of yellow bile.


Persons with a choleric temperament conjure up an image of an authoritative, dominating, resourceful, and a confident being. They are the ‘alphas’ or the leaders in the pack who would command their subordinates and assert their dominance using force. If intimidated, they would respond by being angry, and prove that they were the strongest and fittest. In a current scenario, many managers, politicians, team leaders would be of choleric category (however, not necessarily always).

Striving for leadership, choleric persons always seek to be in control of situations, using imperative and commanding language. They believe it is important ‘to prove oneself’ and would also challenge others aggressively in order to show their respect for his strength. They are innately quarrelsome, aggressive and argumentative. They tend to jump into arguments where they are being contradicted. Often the argument becomes more of an ego-issue rather than the subject of contradictions itself. They would even lie to assert that they are right and maintain their dominant position. They love to compete, but hate to lose.

They may find pleasure in belittling or humiliating people they are not attached to, just for the sake of feeling superior to others. They are extroverts, speak their minds, and often bluntly rather than minding their own business. They are pragmatic, doing what needs to be done rather than worrying about fantasy scenarios. They are goal-oriented, ambitious, and demand high outputs from their subordinates and colleagues. They are critical of errors and can easily point out the mistakes to people and condemning them. They organize and co-ordinate well.

Main Advantages of choleric temperaments:

  • Born leaders
  • Dynamic, active
  • Strong willed and decisive
  • Independent, confident and self-sufficient
  • Keen intellect
  • Strongly passionate


  • Bossy, domineering
  • Quick tempered, impatient
  • Critical, fault finding, little tolerance for mistakes
  • Enjoys controversies and being in arguments, not giving up until he wins
  • Unemotional, unsympathetic
  • Rude, manipulative

Following are classic examples of remedies with choleric temperaments:

  • Lycopodium: Typically arrogant, headstrong, dominating his subordinates. Avaricious, greedy, miserly, malicious. Cannot bear contradiction, seeks disputes. Very ambitious and always tries to prove himself.
  • Nux Vomica: Extremely zealous, dominating, and censorious. Disposed to be quarrelsome, spiteful and malicious. Very particular, and careful, but inclined to be easily irritated and impatient. Self-willed and decisive.
  • Veratrum Album: Deceitful, liar, proving himself to be the most superior. Haughty, thinks of himself as some distinguished person. Finds faults in people and condemns them. Irritable, peevish and vexed with every interruption of work, excited by trifles easily.

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