Hompath Software Utility: Potency Selector

After a thorough case taking and analysis, when you find that perfect Similimum for your patient, it is one of those eureka moments when you see that all your patients’ totality matches with your selected medicine. But did you know that even selection of the wrong potency may fail you at the most crucial times in your clinics? The history of potentization dates back to the time of Hahnemann when he realized that using drugs in their small doses were acting and treating better than crude ones along with reducing the toxic effects of crude drugs.

The principle of potentization has been an evolutionary step in the history of Homeopathy and has given life and power to this great system of medicine. Besides their physico-chemical properties, drugs possess another quality by virtue of which they alter the qualitative state of the organism through its altered sensations and functions. The more the materiality of a drug is reduced, by processes of dilution or trituration, the greater the specific therapeutic quality lying otherwise hidden in the drug seemed to be unveiled or liberated. This is the seed of dynamization theory.

Selection of the correct potency requires a proper understanding of the susceptibility of the patient. We can assess the susceptibility of a patient by knowing the age, occupation, lifestyle, mental state, physical status, sensitivity, etc. and many more such parameters. Hompath software has an in-built utility feature known as the ‘potency-selector’. It helps you to know the susceptibility of the patient and find the correct potency.

There are various categories from which one can select the most appropriate option suitable to the patient. For example, an adult patient, with a sedentary lifestyle, of average sensitivity and all such other physical and mental state can be chosen according to the case. There are two sections and a wide range of categories to select the susceptibility of the patient, the pathology of the disease state, the nature of the drug, the kingdom it belongs to, whether it is well proven or not and what one desires to see in case- relief, cure, palliation etc.

Utility Section in Hompath Zomeo

Utility Section in Hompath Zomeo



This smart feature is reliable and can be aptly used to select the potency for your perfectly selected medicine. This feature enables you to have a correct line of thinking and clarity of what to expect in a case. It reduces your work considerably provided you have done your job well of analysing the case correctly and arriving at a remedy.

Hompath software’s potency selector is a great tool and can be used for all kinds of cases. Use Hompath software for this and many more such wonderful features that will enhance your clinical skills and homeopathic practice.

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