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Numbers & calculations have become increasingly important when it comes to defining the health of an individual. Long gone are the days when a person was judged only on the basis of his weight and height. Many more such parameters are now playing substantial roles and people look up to maintain the average standards required for these parameters.

All physicians may not necessarily have all the charts, formulas or reference tables on their fingertips, which is why it is important that they be available and handy for quick use. Hompath, the ultimate homeopathic software has come up with a unique section known as the ‘Health Calculator’ which has various reference charts and formulas very well incorporated.

Health calculator includes various categories such as fitness, women’s EDD & ovulation estimator, vaccinations, milestones & many more. The ‘fitness’ category includes formulas such as ‘basal metabolic rate’, ‘fat free mass’, ‘total daily energy expenditure’, BMI. These are important parameters as far as the fitness and health of an individual are concerned. Calculations of BMR, BMI helps to know how a person scores in the amount of energy spent during the day and whether the weight is normal or otherwise. Similarly, other formulas are equally important to maintain an ideal body weight. After calculations are done, you can advice your patients accordingly regarding the diet and lifestyle.

Health Calculator

Calculations related to the Expected date of pregnancy (EDD) & Ovulation estimation can also be obtained on the basis of the last menstrual periods and the length of the cycles respectively. Vaccination chart has been wonderfully given for easy references for the physician along with side effects of the vaccinations as well.

Reference chart of milestones has been given under categories, viz. motor, language, adaptive, & socio-personal development up to 3 years of a child’s life. Once again, assessment of the child becomes easier after comparing the child’s growth & development to the milestones chart.

Health Calculator 2

Convertors help convert weight from pounds to kilograms, temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, Height from inches to meters and vice versa. A reference of the height-weight chart is also present and one can easily refer to these charts and determine whether a person is of small, medium or a large frame

Health Calculator 4

Calories spent according to various activities also have a dedicated chart to it from which we can understand how much calories are burnt in that particular activity. For example, calories spent doing sitting job, or physical exercises or activities like cooking or sleeping

Zoemo Health Calculator

Another useful feature of the health calculator is the BP as well as diabetes monitor where one can monitor fasting, post lunch and random blood sugar, glycosylated haemoglobin and urine sugar for diabetes whereas systolic & diastolic blood pressures, pulse for hypertension. These can be noted according to the dates and time when these are recorded for monitoring the patients. Lastly, an estimation of protein intake according to the weight and type of activity is also calculated.

All these parameters will be of great help to the physicians and referring them through the software and even printing those makes it convenient for both the physician and the patient. Talking in figures and numbers ensures that patients understand where they stand from the health perspective and the patients in turn may also have their confidence in their physicians. Use Hompath software and see how beneficial ‘Health Calculator’ proves for your practice!


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