Case solving with the help of Repertory Module- Hompath Zomeo

Find out how a patient of Bronchial asthma found profound relief by analyzing the case using Repertory module of Zomeo Homeopathic software.


34 yrs old, physician practicing general practice reported with regular attacks of Bronchial Asthma. He complained of chest pain along with Bronchial Asthma. He gets an attack whenever he drinks beer.  The pain is in one spot and whenever he presses this spot, thick yellow expectoration comes out. He feels better after expectoration. Being a physician he knows that the medicines he has been taking (modern medicine) give only partial relief.

Here is the totality of symptoms:

  • Asthmatic breathing
  • Asthma < beer
  • Pain in small spots
  • Asthma > after expectoration

Patient was put on Kali bich by searching the rubrics in the repertories and repertorisating the case using Zomeo.

Rubrics considered:

  1. Respiration: asthmatic
  2. Food and drinks: Beer, agg
  3. Pain, general, spots, in small
  4. Respiration: asthmatic, expectoration amel.

What are the steps to follow for searching the above rubrics using Repertory module in Zomeo:

To open Repertory module, you can either click directly on the menu ‘Repertory’ or press [Alt + R] on the keyboard.

This module helps viewing repertories and recording rubrics from repertories at an instant without flipping through other windows.

There are two different views of the repertories: Classic view and Book view

Classic View Book View


Classic Repertory View displays repertory and all its chapters on the left hand-side in a list format. In the complete version, we have 42 repertories to refer to.

Classic Repertory View


To view a particular rubric:

Ø Select a repertory to view a rubric. E.g.: Complete Repertory.

  • Select the chapter ‘Respiration’ to search a rubric – Asthmatic

Select the chapter ‘Respiration’ to search a rubric – Asthmatic

You can directly click on the chapter name displayed in the list, or you can type the chapter name in the ‘Search Chapter’ field.

Search Chapter Feild

After selecting the chapter respiration, type the desired second level rubric in the data field named ‘2nd Level Search’

e.g.: 2nd Level Search: – Asthmatic

To select the rubric for repertorisation, you can double click the rubric or click on ‘Record’.

click on Record to Repertorise

Searching the rubric using the feature ‘REPERTORY SEARCH’

To open Search Repertory:

  • From the Menu select ‘Repertory’ and then select ‘Repertory Search’ from ‘Search Repertory’ Section.
  • Enter the symptom ‘beer agg’ in the Search box.
  • The list of Repertories containing the word appears on the right with the list of Chapter and Remedy count.
  • The left column shows the Repertory list. In the brackets is mentioned the number of rubrics in that Repertory, which contain the query word. To view all rubrics click on Total and to view Rubrics Repertory wise click on the respective Repertory.
  • Double click on the desired rubric to record it.Record Rubric


Searching rubric using the feature ‘Quick Rep’:

To open Quick Repertorisation:

– From the menu select ‘Repertory’ module and then Click on ‘Quick Repertorisation’ from the ‘Repertorisation’ section.

This feature is mainly designed for instantaneous repertorisation. It is one feature that will allow you to:

  • Record symptoms without opening any repertories or chapters.
  • View the repertorisation table with the remedies.

Thus it can be a time-saving repertorisation module for the physician.

You can select and record the desired symptom by typing the keyword in the search text field provided previous to the ‘Record’ button. After typing the desired word in the search text box, click on ‘Record’ to search the rubrics containing the desired keyword in the ‘Alternate Symptom’ field.

Alternate Symptom

Repertorisation table

This enables you to view all the recorded symptoms along with their list of remedies and Kali-bi has the highest totality.

Patient was put on Kali bich 30 gradually increased to 200 and 1 dose of 1M cured the case.

A Case that was treated effortlessly through the Zomeo Homeopathic Software by reaching a similimum for the chronic case through the Level search, repertory search and Quick Repertorisation feature.

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