Homeopathy Task Force for COVID-19(Coronavirus Disease)

Homeopathy has been a savior in epidemics in the past. It has been used in treating various viral infections in the past for more than a century. Homeopathy has been the savior during,

  • During Japanese encephalitis in India
  • H1NI (Swine Flu) in India
  • Spanish Flu epidemic
  • Leptospirosis in Cuba
  • Cholera in London
  • Dengue in India

Homeopathy has been able to treat epidemics with a substantial rate of success in the past.

So, can’t Homeopathy address COVID-19?

  • Covid-19 is a novel virus and hence population across the world doesn’t have any acquired immunity. Hence the entire population is vulnerable to illness.
  • Since the infection is more severe in patients with low immunity, any medicine which will boost immunity will help the most.
  • Currently, modern medicine has no specific treatment for Covid-19, neither antivirals nor vaccines
  • Since homeopathy is prepared in high dilution molecular components are very minimal hence there are no TOXIC EFFECTS and safe to use by anyone.
  • Homeopathy acts upon the psycho-neuro-endocrine axis to improve the innate immunity of an individual to resist infection.

Rightly understood the potential of Homeopathy for Coronavirus disease, State of Maharashtra, India is the first one to formulate a Homeopathy Task Force for Covid-19(Coronavirus) called as AYUSH task force for Covid-19. This task force will have noted representatives from Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and homeopathy will be used as preventive medicine and to treat Asymptomatic mild cases and Mild Symptomatic positive cases.

Dr. T. Lahane, who heads the task force says “We have formed a task force of AYUSH specialists to discuss the method of treatment and move forward. Once we have clarity on the line of treatment, we shall move forward for a plan which tackles prevention as also a cure”. Other members include Dr. Jaswant Patil, an allopath pulmonologist and homeopath; Dr. Jawahar Shah, a homeopath, Ayurveda practitioners Dr. Harish Singh and Dr. Uday Kulkarni, and Unani practitioner Dr. Zubair Sheikh.

Dr. Jawahar Shah at AYUSH task force for Covid-19

Dr. Jawahar Shah, Founder of Zomeo Homeopathy Software, Enlightenment Education and Welcome Cure, is rightly the part of this Homeopathy Task Force for Covid-19(Coronavirus).

Homeopathy Task Force for Covid-19(Coronavirus)

Dr. Shah along with his committed team is working relentlessly to service mankind with high-quality homeopathic medicines with the help of a specially designed Immunity Building Family Kit for COVID-19.

Dr. Shah has 40 years of experience in clinical practice and has been actively researching the presentation of COVID-19. He has concluded that the Homoeopathic Remedies Arsenic Album and Arsenic Iodide are of use in preventing the spread of this infection. Dr. Shah along with a team of other doctors have been involved in treating the cases of COVID-19 and has achieved great results with the use of Homoeopathy.

Read our article on COVID-19(Corona Virus) & Homeopathy to know the efficacy of Arsenic Album Homeopathy Remedy.

Listen to Dr. Jawahar Shah talking about Coronavirus disease.

Dr. Jawahar Shah has distributed over 1,00,000 Homeopathy kits since March 2020. The service has been given to front-line warriors like the police force, traffic police, firefighters, fruit & vegetable vendors, slum dwellers in Mumbai, and many more. He plans to distribute 20000+ more such family kits to people in need. His organization, Welcome Cure is also able to provide telemedicine service to all citizens at large during the pandemic.

Work-done by Dr. Shah & his team since March’2020 (Distributed over 1,00,000 kits)

  • Distributed to Mumbai Police Force (Vasai-Virar, Kandivali, Malad, Santacruz, Bandra, Mahim, Mantralaya, Crawford Market, etc.) 1000’s of kits.
  • Given 1500+ Kits to National Highway Traffic Police Force across Mumbai; both western and eastern highway.
  • Bombay Municipality Warriors
  • The Fruit Vendors and Vegetable Vendors
  • 2000+ kits to the slums areas which are thickly populated (Dharavi slums, etc.)
  • Distributed to several press people/reporters
  • Citizens at large with the help and support of Local Politicians and NGOs & Philanthropist (areas like large housing societies, etc.)
  • Distributed to 4000+ firefighters and fire security force.

And, the Results 

  • Post this immunity kit few patients have turned COVID negative and have been shifted to the normal ward.
  • The members of the press group who used the medications have not suffered from any symptoms and are COVID negative as of today (more than 50 colleagues of theirs had recently tested positive).
  • The on-going work was appreciated by one and all and has also been covered by News Channel TV9 and it was telecasted on multiple occasions.
  • Various NGOs and Govt. organizations have approached him to support the cause.
  • Many police stations & personnel despite them working around the clock and getting exposed to the number of patients have still remained COVID negative.

Need help from Dr. Shah?

You may reach out to Dr. Jawahar Shah at 1drshah@gmail.com with your queries regarding Covid-19.

Let’s wish good luck to the AYUSH task force for Covid-19 and support them. Let Homeopathy be the savior of this Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19) and hope this model will be followed all over India and World.


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  3. Dr.jashim uddin

    A very good inattentive for the safe of human life, will be the milestone in the history of Covid-19 . I appreciate you most for this good did.
    Dr.jashim uddin ,MD ,Dhaka Bangladesh.

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    Nice initiative. Thanks for leading in Homeopathy field. We will sure win over this pandemic

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