All You Need to Know About Nash’s Trio Remedies for Restlessness

Dr. E.B. Nash was the pioneer in making trios of homeopathic remedies which means the best three remedies for the particular condition. Dr. Nash gave importance to trio remedies in materia medica popularly known as Nash’s Trio Remedies. He gave a therapeutic study and clinical experience more importance. Nash’s trio remedies for Restlessness in Homoeopathic Materia Medica are mentioned as below

  • Aconite: Restlessness in an acute inflammatory condition.
  • Arsenic Alb: Restlessness mentally physically too weak to move about.
  • Rhus Tox: Extreme restlessness, with desire for a change of position continuously.

Nash Trio Remedies for Restlessness


The other homeopathic stalwarts who worked on similar guidelines were: Dr. A.G. Clarke, Dr. Farrington, and Dr. N. M. Choudhary.

Restlessness means unable to rest, relax, or be still. A person can present himself with mental restlessness or physical restlessness or both.

 In Nash’s trio remedies of restlessness, all the three medicines are equally restless yet so very different that there will not be any difficulty in choosing between them.

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Let us now understand the keynotes and mental symptoms of these three remedies. You can use the Remedy Information and Materia Medica feature of Zomeo Homeopathic Software. Zomeo provides remedy information quickly and reading is easy. All you have to do is search for your desired remedy and click option ‘keynotes’ which will take you to the desired section.

ACONITE (Aconitum Napellus)

Common Name: Monkshood, Wolfsbane

Aconite is one of the restless remedies of the materia medica where restlessness is at both physical and the mental level.

The screen below shows the Keynotes and Confirmatory symptoms of Aconite remedy from Zomeo Homeopathy Software.

Nashs trio remedies of restlessness


Let us also look at some Mind Symptoms of Aconite:

  • Great FEAR, anxiety, every ailment is accompanied by worry however trivial.
  • With fear; screams, moans, gnaws fists, bites nails, and wants to die.
  • Inconsolable anxiety, piteous wailing, vexation about trifles.
  • Fears death, believes that he will soon die, predicts the day. Fear of death during pregnancy or labor, predicts time.
  • Fear of future, of crowds, crossing the streets, of touching others passing by, of narrow places, of earthquakes [Morrison].
  • Great timidity especially after a fright, afraid in the dark, fear of ghosts, etc.
  • Restlessness; tossing about.
  • Impatient
  • Pain insupportable, driving to despair.
  • Undertakes many things, perseveres in nothing.
  • Delirium is characterized by unhappiness, worry, fear, raving, early unconsciousness.
  • Physical and mental restlessness.

ARSENIC (Arsenicum Album)

Common Name: White oxide of Arsenic

Arsenic Alb is one of the most restless remedies of materia medica mentioned as Nash’s trio remedies of restlessness. The remedy has restlessness more at the mental level and physically they are prostrated to move around.

The screen shown below is from Zomeo Homeopathic software shows Keynotes and Nucleus of the remedy Arsenic Album.

Nashs trio remedies of restlessness


Some of the Mind Symptoms of Arsenic Alb are as below,

  • RESTLESS mentally, but physically too weak to move, restlessness in the affected part.
  • Restlessness, cannot relax, anxious.
  • FEARS being alone, cancer, robbers, poverty, DEATH. Fear of death comes at the later stage of the disease, thinks it useless to take medicine, the disease is incurable.
  • Constantly worry things will go wrong and he has anxiety for others.
  • ANXIOUS. Highly sensitive. Anguish. Anxiety about health. Later despair of recovery.
  • Insecurity, they feel vulnerable in an unsafe world.
  • FASTIDIOUS, obsessed with order and tidiness. Fault finding.

RHUS TOX (Rhus Toxicodendron)

Common Name: Poison Oak

Amongst the Nash’s trio remedies of restlessness, Rhus Tox is the remedy which has restlessness at the physical level. They constantly want to change place or move around.

 Let’s look at the Keynotes of Rhus Tox.

  • Cheerful, joking, lively, quick-witted, friendly, timid
  • Restlessness, agitation, irritable, frustrated
  • Serious, hardworking, impatient
  • Stiff, rigid, morose, compulsive, superstitious, ritualistic
  • < cold, damp, wet, drafts
  • < Cloudy weather
  • >Warm, warm bathing
  • < Initial motion
  • >Continuous motion
  • Fever blisters about the lips
  • Triangular red tip of the tongue
  • Burning, vesicular eruption

Below is the screen from Zomeo Homeopathic software showing Mind symptoms of the remedy Rhus Tox.

Nashs trio remedies of restlessness


Thus, Nash’s Trio remedies of restlessness have useful indications in acute and chronic cases as these are the medicines having similar indications, yet differential symptoms which one needs to study in detail.

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