Keynotes of Homeopathic Medicines for Diarrhoea in Children

Which homeopathic remedies for diarrhoea in children do you think of? Aloe, Cina, Chamomilla, Podophyllum! Isn’t it? Yes, these are predominant medicines for diarrhoea and most are children remedies? Let us learn something out of the box!


Keynote symptoms of homeopathic medicines for diarrhoea.


  • Watery diarrhoea
  • Stools like chopped spinach, with colic, which no position relieves
  • Restlessness


  • Green, thin, bilious stools, or bright yellow and slimy, with violent tenesmus before and after stool
  • Drowsiness after stool
  • Child restless and irritable
  • Excessive prostration


  • Grass-green stools due to liver involvement
  • Itching in rectum and anus, as from worms
  • Diarrhoea aggravates in mornings


  • Very offensive diarrhoea day and night
  • The child can take in nothing but milk
  • Even the smallest quantity of solid food gags; bad breath


  • Large quantities of white, shreddy particles
  • Child falls asleep on the vessel as soon as the pain ceases
  • Great thirst
  • Aversion even to the smell of food


  • Olive-green stools, watery, gushing, frothy, with feeling in the rectum as if more remained


  • Water, slimy, undigested stools, like curdled milk accompanied by colic
  • >by the stool, which is forcibly expelled
  • Flatulence +++ < at night


  • Frequent soiling of clothes when passing flatus
  • Rumbling of bowels, with the emission of much offensive flatulence
  • Food passes undigested
  • Stools thin, yellow, faecal


  • Dark-colored water, with cutting pains


  • CHILD VERY MUCH EMACIATED due to chronic diarrhoea
  • Cold hands and feet, with cold sweat
  • Suppressed secretion of urine
  • Watery, very offensive stools
  • Aversion to milk refuses to nurse and if it does, vomits

Rubrics associated with Diarrhea in Children

Murphy’s repertory
  • Diarrhea, nursing after

Diarrhea, nursing after - Zomeo

  • Diarrhea with difficult teething

• Diarrhea with difficult teething - Zomeo

  • Diarrhea with headache in girls

Diarrhea with headache in girls - Zomeo

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