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Knowing your rubrics well is as essential as extracting the correcting information from the patient while case taking. Dr. Hahnemann in his Organon of Medicine states precisely in the Aphorism 6 about “the unprejudiced observer”. An unbiased physician is aware of the futility of just speculations and guesses and instead notes only those symptoms which are observed and confirmed by the patient or the people accompanying him.


In a repertory, you will often find rubrics which appear quite similar and we often tend to substitute one for the other in order to get a remedy which probably we have already derived from assumptions. This can be misleading and might take your case in the wrong direction.

Zomeo Homeopathic Software comes with the latest version of Complete repertory 2019. This software has a feature that offers you to look up the word meaning, synonyms, similar words and rubrics, themes and cross-references. This often helps you to pick the correct rubric after confirming from the patient.

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Let us take some examples of mind rubrics from the Complete Repertory:


A patient wants his files to be kept neatly stacked up one above the other. Even a minor misplacement makes him disturbed and ensures it is kept back in place and criticizes that person responsible for not doing the work properly. Now, here, one should probe deeper and try to know whether this person is fault finding and it is his habit to criticize as these people seldom like to appreciate (so is he censorious?), or is it a tendency to keep things organized always (so is he Fastidious) or does he feel that it is his duty to do things perfectly (making him conscientious, about trifles). If you keep probing and find the “why” of every action you will come to the right conclusion.

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One more example can be cited to understand the difference between three closely related rubrics, “charlatan, liar, deceitful”. Obviously, not a single patient will come to you saying he lies or deceits or does fraud. But first, we can just understand the difference. A Charlatan is a person falsely claiming to have special knowledge or skill. A liar is a one who does not speak the truth while a deceitful person will often mask or conceal the truth and use the consequence for specific intentions. Let us take an example of the sale representative. He tries to show his best knowledge (which he knows nothing about and has obviously memorized as his job requires) (charlatan), he may possibly lie about the positive things of a given product and even deceit by concealing the total truth about that product just to sell it (which is his specific intention).

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Selecting the right rubrics and correct repertorization is a pre-requisite to treating your patients holistically. Having the right study material just like Zomeo Homeopathic Software will prove beneficial at all aspects of your clinical practice.


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